Merry Xmas

A huge thank you to everyone’s support over the past year, and a big hello to all the new visitors and followers over the past couple of days.

Saturday the 21st was my busiest day ever, with the blog seeing about 27,000 views. Amazing.

Just a heads up for all new visitors. What you are seeing is about 3-4 months of work. It has not taken me very long to whip this up, I had hoped to get it done and released back in September, but life and other things got in the way. Dont worry, i haven’t been working on this since 2007, i simply started concepts in 2007, but put the project on hold, and didn’t start working on it properly till the end of 2011.

For a full run down on the history of this project, be sure to read through all the posts on this blog, paying close attention to this post in particular, as it explains the Staged development and why its taken so long to get to where it is now.

There are some more changes on the horizon, but i’m dedicated to finishing this first stage and releasing it once its finished as a demo / prototype, in the hope it attracts the attention of a programmer and some artists to help make the next stage as good as it can be.

Expect the first release early next year.

Unfortunately I have to work over Xmas and new years, so I’ll no doubt be drowning my sorrows in project development and cider. I’ve been a busy bee this week and have some very cool stuff to show you, I think you’ll love it.

If you don’t hear from me between now and new years, have a fantastic Xmas and a safe and happy new year!

I think 2014 is going to be a very big year 🙂


~ by newoldmate on 24/12/2013.

8 Responses to “Merry Xmas”

  1. Thank you for your awesome effort and dedication.

    Have a good couple of days, merry chrismas and a happy new year!

    Stay Awesome.

  2. I really love and appreciate all you hard work, steady updates, and true dedication to this project. THANK YOU! And have a great Christmas and New Years. ❤

  3. Your project was featured on Game Informer. That would explain the sudden popularity.

  4. Are you going to put this game be on steam?

    • For now it’s a mod project. Besides that there are no licensing deals. So probably not.

  5. You’re doing a great job! I did a small thing promoting Trespassing on my blog. I can’t wait to try it out, everything looks awesome! Wishing you the best for 2014 newoldmate

  6. Merry christmas and a happy new year!

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