Roving Data

Well i hope you all had a great Christmas, even if its not something you take part in or believe in.

Mine was pretty quiet. My partner and I stayed at my folks house Christmas Eve, exchanged some gifts with them in the morning, and then she had to drive for a few hours to have Christmas with her family. I had to work again early Boxing day so i wasn’t really up for a lot of driving. Christmas is pretty tiring as it is -eating all that food and drink, a few hours driving on top of that is a recipe for disaster.

On Boxing day i used some Xmas money and an EB gift card i had from trading my 3DS a few months back, to get a 500gb PS3 + GTA5. We have been wanting a PS3 for a while now to replace our terrible BluRay player, and to use it as a media centre. There’s not that many games i want on the PS3, but i’ve always wanted Wipeout HD, GTA5 and the new Gran Turismo. I bought a digital copy of WipeoutHD this morning and payed through the first two classes/stages. Its pretty fun, but i can see its going to get hard and fast in no time at all.

GTA5 is amazing. Seriously, i’m constantly in awe of it. If ever there was a title deserving of a game of the year award, this is it. Technically, its mind blowing what they were able to achieve with the last gen consoles, and what bows my mind even more, is thinking about GTA6. If you haven’t yet played this game, i suggests you buy a copy and spend a few hours just driving around. It took me 2 days before i even started a mission. Franklin’s driving and stamina are already really high!

It’s been a long time since a game impressed me as much as GTA5 has, and im crossing my fingers that they somehow patch it to support the Rift, as in-car driving with a good steering wheel would be an incredible experience.

Speaking of the Rift, my Rift is scheduled to arrive Tuesday based on the tracking information, but my fingers are crossed for an earlier Monday delivery, as its already in Melbourne which is not far away.

I had a few other goodies arrive this week which was surprising for this time of year. My Sony Magic Link arrived, Nedry’s stress toy, and his Casio Calculator Watch which is a bit rough, but should clean up alright. I’m still waiting on the Swamp Creature wind up toy and a brand new box for Trespasser. My copy of Trespasser was a cheap “collector” edition in a blue dvd case. This boxed version is a beautiful big cardboard box with fold out cover. Unfortunately this version doesn’t come with a manual, but i’ll track one down one day. I do have the Brady Games guide though, so that kind of makes up for not having the manual.

Something else that arrived this week was another Magic Cap powered PDA-style device, called a DataRover 840.

DataRover 840

I’ve edited the above image to simulate the green back light.

For those who haven’t read my previous post’s, I’ve been trying to acquire some of the computer equipment used in the first Jurassic Park film, in particular an SGI work station and the grey tablet device seen on Nedry’s desk. The device on the desk was a prototype for the Motorola Envoy, a wireless communication device running the Magic Cap operating system. I got hold of a similar device made by Sony called the Magic Link, and soon after came across another device called the DataRover 840. The DataRover is a much newer device, featuring a back-lit screen (OMG must have), updated OS, improved touch input, and many other improvements over earlier models.

The DataRover i got is a 100% brand new device i found on eBay. It didn’t come with the original box which is a shame, but im not complaining considering the price. $7. Yes. Seven Bucks! The international postage was about $40, but again, im not complaining.

This thing is a nerdgasm of 90’s technology and I urge anyone who’s into vintage tech to track one down, its a gem!

I’ve bought an old Lucent Bronze Turbo pcmcia wifi card, to try and get this thing working wirelessly, so i can transfer some new software onto it. I know the 840F model works with that card, i hope mine does too. I just hope i dont have to buy a different router as well, otherwise it will quickly turn into an expensive experiment. If it turns out i can’t use it wirelessly, i’m going to use it as a very Nerdy home phone, complete with address book, note taking and games! πŸ™‚

Now that ive got these devices and have been able to use them, i’ve already got a really good plan for the operating system and how it can be used in the game. If it can be pulled off, its going to be very cool indeed!

In project news, im still just importing models and editing as usual. Over the last week or so i’ve imported a tonne of new models, and its helped drastically improve the look of some areas. The Harbor looks awesome. I wont be importing every model that was in the original game, there is still going to be a hell of a lot of models from Crysis being used, and some will be very basic structures I’ve made from solids in the editor.

Some models for buildings will very simple, and in some instances, you wont even be able to enter them. Crysis has a material limit of 32 per model, and some of these have over 100. To get these models into the engine, i would have to split them into different parts, loading them in separately, taking a lot more time than im willing to devote to this first stage. If i was building on top of this first stage i would go to the effort, but im not, so i cant spend any longer on this.

I dont want to sound like a broken record, but there are a lot of people new to this project, and to avoid any further confusion as to what it is im doing, over the next couple of weeks ill be repeating myself in an attempt to educate people on what to expect from the first release.

This first stage is going to be very simple. There will be no new weapons, no dinosaurs, no new sounds, music or controls. All Trees and vegetation will be from Crysis, most textures will be from Crysis, with only a handful of decals and textures actually being from Trespasser. You will see certain objects substituted with models from Crysis. Some of the models i have imported have normal maps, some dont. Stage 1 will at best, resemble a Crysis level that looks like Trespasser.

I’m reading a lot of very uneducated comments about this project from people who have seen only one image and judged the entire project on it, so im hoping that if i start the education process early, just maybe some of these people will read before they speak. Yeah right! πŸ™‚

I’m old enough and have been using the internet long enough to honestly not care what people think. These kinds of negative people have existed for as long as the internet has. If the first message ever posted online was “hello world”, some dick would’ve replied “well actually, this isn’t a world, technically its a digit…” Shut up!

I read one comment that said something like “the mod is poor because not all screenshots are hi res”. Wtf? Haha. Seriously?

I did actually mean to explain why some of the screenshots i’ve been posting vary in resolution, but i never expected anyone to really care. The problem is that the e_screenshot console command i was using to take photos, is broken in the 64bit version of the editor. In some instances it works perfectly, but sometimes it leaves very noticeable seams where the different slices were stitched together. Because my desktop resolution is only 1680×1050, the e_screenshot command takes a whole bunch of slices, then stitches them all together to create a much higher res screenshot. Some i can fix easily in PS, while others i either cant or have actually missed. You can see a seam i missed in this photo, just to the right of the palm tree in the top left corner (light rays):

I can only imagine the comments people will post when they finally get to play it! πŸ™‚

Anyway, im having a ball working on this and im being such a good boy by not moving on to Stage 2. I hope you all realize that the only reason im still working on this first stage, is so you have something to walk around in and explore while i start on Stage 2, otherwise you would be waiting a very long time!

I’ll try and get another post up before the Rift arrives as i will no doubt get very distracted with it and not post anything for a while.

If you dont hear from me before, have a safe and happy new years!

~ by newoldmate on 29/12/2013.

4 Responses to “Roving Data”

  1. I love the frequency of your updates. Thanks for trying to make it clear what you are and what you aren’t trying to do right now. Seriously, nice attitude about all of the haters too. You don’t owe anyone anything and this is for your own personal enjoyment with your own free time. I look forward to playing it but you don’t owe us anything. I hope you have a happy new year too.

    • Cheers. I try to not take anything too seriously, but sometimes I read something so annoying I can’t help but try to clarify it.

  2. One thing i forgot to ask you before. Do you work as an artist, or you are “just” very enthusiasm of Trespasser? Asking it because you have a very keen eye for details. Your scenes aren’t too dense nor sparse(?) but real. For me it looks like something that only pros/semipros can achieve. Anyway, waiting for the release of stage1 and the first screenshot of stage2 to blow our minds. πŸ™‚

    • I’m not an artist, but I do a bit of photography. I’ve been modding games since doom and just really enjoy it. Less really is more sometimes and can really enhance a scene. Quite often games need to over exaggerate detail or density compared to real life to make it stand out. Viewing an old-ish game like Half Life 2 in the Rift, really shows how good even low detail can look when viewed in true 3d. I think the original Trespasser would really good in the Rift. I hope someone on TresCom fiddles with the source code and patches it!

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