Night Shot

Been way too long since i posted a night shot 🙂

Night Time

There’s still plenty of texturing and model importing to do, but its looking pretty nice already.

I think night time on Isla Sorna will be truly terrifying!

~ by newoldmate on 05/01/2014.

4 Responses to “Night Shot”

  1. The trees alone make this a whole other world.:) Can not wait to see what this looks like in the later stages. What all you hinted at will make this area a thing to behold.

  2. Looking great! Love the dark abandoned island vibe! Looking into the distance with all the jungle is terrifying in all the right ways. Can’t wait to go exploring!

  3. Hey it’s just an idea, but if at some point you have to “activate” the power on that area (and I guess that’s how that light is on) you could add a few more working lights at some random points that could make it look even more creepy! Maybe one inside the church, one at the outside card-door at hammond’s house, and a couple on some random houses.

    well it’s just an idea.

  4. Looking awesome !!! Great work !!

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