One more before bed..

The South end of the Town is very close to being finished.

I had to post one last shot before bed, as this one is quite nice and might make a nice desktop.

The Town

The Large dorm house out of sight on the left still needs to be imported, the brick wall near the Gas Station and the Communications Dish need to be changed and its pretty much done. I’ll probably spend a lot more time detailing little areas, i cant help it, plus it makes for much more enjoyable experience when wandering around.

I got the InGeneral Store imported but it needed a bit of work. The textures are a bit messy and the quality of the design overall is pretty poor. i get the feeling it was a rushed model, as some of the textures were really bad. I’ve replaced them with updated ones that help a lot as well as fix light leaks and floating elements.

I’m trying not to post shots that clearly show untextured models, as it really ruins them. Once i get more of the North end of Town imported, ill take more shots from that end.

Bed time.

~ by newoldmate on 07/01/2014.

10 Responses to “One more before bed..”

  1. After staring at it for a couple of seconds i realised i whipered a bit. It’s that beautiful! I love the fence in the back. That’s a lot better than the original wall.

  2. I just wanted to say you are doing a fucking amazing job on this project. Well done man. Especially since you’re doing it ALL BY YOURSELF. I can’t wait to try it.

    Question: if the project is playable in Crysis 1, do you also make use of the various HD texture / graphic enhancement mods that there are available (there are lots of those, like the foliage, rock, and general HD textures that make this game STILL one of the best looking game available on the PC), and if so, are they included in the install of your mod?

    Or will you be using another engine, and if so, are you using the graphic mods and tweaks that are available for that engine? MaldoHD’s mod for Crysis 2 is awesome.

    Last question: is there any way I can donate? I’d love to send you some money, ’cause you’re working your ass off, for what seems to be going to be a free mod.

    Keep up the awesome work man!

  3. Great Work…looking mouthwatering, cant wait…:P

  4. The town was, in my opinion, the best level in TP… I think you shouldn’t wait till Stage 2 and add some high grass now.

  5. I feel like you could get a job in the industry rather easily, looking at these pics. They’re awesome!

  6. Hey! I really admire your work for the Trespasser part of JP franchise.

    Recently you did wrote something about original OS from JP movie and Nedry PDA device. I think this will be very interesting for you:

    Greets from Poland!

  7. Great work so far… I may be able to lend some time to 3D modeling, but strictly to test the games coding for Dinosaur AI… It is far from optimization in the future, and my skill is limited. (don’t expect a work of art) You can feel free to Email me at if your interested, I’ll get some samples ready…

    • I have dinosaur models I can use for testing, what I really need is a programmer to start working on things like the controls, movement, arm etc. Dino AI is not on the top of the to do list, I’d much rather get the controls and arm etc working, that way I can start exploring and interacting with objects, to fine tune the controls and the world.

      I don’t think dino AI will be too hard, but will be a long process to get just right.

      Thanks for the offer though! 🙂

  8. One more thing, there are some questions I have. For instance, there are some severely broken things about trespasser (The arm being an unfortunate example) Do you plan on modifying these features to be maybe a bit less… Pardon my word use… Busted? I mean, it wouldn’t be a full on remake if there were severe missing functions… At the same time, some of the games more “realistic” functions made the original painstakingly frustrating to play. And, will there be Boob UI? That is the important question here… (Truly)

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