Town 99%

Town 99%

Stay tuned for some more shots soon!

~ by newoldmate on 24/01/2014.

14 Responses to “Town 99%”

  1. Cant wait !

  2. You won’t believe this. (or you would). I installed the game last week and been jamming it since. I used to play it when I was a kid too. The days when dying in a game meant you had to restart from the last manual save point!


    I’m going to pre-order Trespassing in a heartbeat. Guess it’s going to take a while though…

    • It’s not a game for sale, to keep this thing from being shut down by Universal, it has to be free.

      • I’m not too sure if your news is good or bad… I feel the developer deserves compensation for this awesome looking re-creation.

        So… this can’t be pitched and presented to a publisher who can get the rights from Universal?

      • Most likely it can’t be pitched. But who knows. I can only imagine a few big powers at be who might possibly be willing to undertake such an endeavour.
        As of now it’s a mod but you are welcome to donate any amount to this awesome one man project.
        For further information on donating;

  3. Ah! When your game releases, we test it. If we all enjoy as espected, we can donate to you via paypal…

    Nice job!

  4. Just… WoW….! You know, sometimes i pinch myself. Just to be sure πŸ™‚
    Amazing job. What is the last 1%? Foliage or JH house?

  5. Amazing !!!!

  6. Looks amazing!

  7. great work, your new system is helping the render times?

  8. Awesome!! For the last 1% of greatness add a couple (slightly weathered) billboards with ads .And a few signs too! It was supposed to be populated for some time.Other than that…i simply cannot think anything else to be improved upon what i see!

  9. Oh My GOD! This Is epic right there! I really enjoyed Traspasser as a kid. Never tought that anyone would make a remake. And even If a big company would want to recreate It, It would probably look awsome but it would have all the shity helpers for retarded kids these days. With an autosave every 2 seconds and all that other modern bullshit that fortunatly for us we never had to experiance back in the day.
    Love the gun aiming! It really looks realistic, waaaay better then games that comes out to this day. I’m all for your project man! GO GO GO!

  10. Great work! I am so glad youre doing this! When do you think the game will be released?

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