Update – Small Break

Just letting you know what i’m up to.

The weather here (with the exception of todays short lived cool change) has been terrible. 35-45 degree temperatures outside translate to uncomfortably hot temperatures in my small computer-heated office. One day last week seen the office hit 51 degrees. That’s F’n hot!

So last week and this week i’ve been having a little break from the office and instead working on my old laptop, which is not really equipped to work on anything related to this project, but i am working on something else that ill talk about a bit later on. Its a small side project that’s purely art based and requires no programming or intricate design. I’m using this project to learn more about 3DS MAX modelling and to also get back into some texture work.

At the moment, I dont think my 3DS MAX modelling capabilities would be up to the task of making models for this project. My Lightwave experience was perhaps no better, but i was comfortable using it and confident i could produce accurate error-free models.

I’m really loving MAX the more i use it. Some of the stuff i’ve learned in this short time brings a smile to my face when i think back to how long it used to take in Lightwave. Chamfering edges, connecting edges, extruding, boolean objects, real time lighting and texturing, and to just be able to use images for references in the layout is huge. I love it.

The side project is something i may or may not create a blog for, as its not all that exciting and i don’t know if anyone would want to follow my work on it. Its a small portfolio piece based on Doom, a basic recreation of a Doom inspired environment, with HD textures and high detail remakes of some guns and other models. Its just an environment i can fly a camera through and make a first-person cinematic sequence of what i think a modern version of a simple FPS based on Doom would look like today, with the textures and designs based on Doom 64.

I’m not planning on remaking everything from the original game, just what i need to complete the scene, but i think based on what i’ve made so far, if i remade all the textures and models from the game, its something i could probably wrap up in 6 months of really solid work. The simplicity of Doom is beautiful and such fun to work on. I think anyone interested in level design and game development should take up modding Doom at some point. It allows you to forget all the BS a modern FPS has, and focus on making a fun action packed level.

Anyway, i’ll leave you with a couple of new shots of the Town to tide you over my break..

Behind Wu's House

Construction Yard

~ by newoldmate on 04/02/2014.

21 Responses to “Update – Small Break”

  1. A little time off with those temperatures is probably for the best. I’d too should choose for the swimmingpool instead of a 50 degree office.
    I am curious to what you are planning with the Doom project. It will probably be very cool! I too am a huge Doom fan, grew up playing it and started playing it as of recently. With some enrichment of the mod ‘Brutal doom’ It just enhances the experience and let’s you tweak certain aspects very easily witout having too much of an impact of the original work.
    As far as Trespassing concerns, i’m not going to ask when ‘Stage 1’ is due, i am however wondering if you could disclose which major milestones have to be met in order for you to release it?
    And last but not least about 3DMax, i remember sending you an email with a friends contact who is a project follower and 3DMax specialist (by profession). He was/is willing to assist you in any way possible with max help/tips/learning. Maybe he could help you out with certain models or you two can arrange a skype meeting where he assists you or explains certain questions you might have creating great models. I have to add, this guy makes buildings in 3DMax for a living. 🙂

  2. Nice… It’s Australia alright.
    Town looks great. If I may, try to create some snapshots of the town in the FPP – point set way above the ground spoils the atmosphere.

  3. Damn you, I’m freezing out here!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Looks fantastic. When you have time, AFTER your swim ;-P, could you make a walk through avi through the town? Its great seeing the images but be fantastic to have a “feel” of what its like in this quality, as compared to what i remember in trespasser.
    And i don’t know if you’ve addressed this anywhere but what will be the “minimum” specs to run this at this sort of quality?
    Thanks again, great job, beautiful and brings back memories…looking forward to it very much

    • Oh…i wanted to add, you might not be able to sell it obviously, no..we know that. But here is a thought. If people donate $10 to your “server” costs & you keep tab on those payers, they’ll be the first to be able to download and play an earlier release. I think THAT way is good and fair and i and ‘many’ others would be happy to pay…simply because it may be ‘your’ labour of love but who have the time to devote to making it? And more important whats $10 measly bucks to having that opportunity to play each section in its development. ok…enough rambling, thanks again,

  5. You make great work!
    Don´t give up.
    Greetz from Germany

  6. I am feeling you man about the high temperature…Through now its “winter here in cyprus” i am with a t-shirt…during summer in august its like 50+ c…

    There are a lot of cool little projects about doom,probably the most complete is the doomsday engine thats supports also herretic and the first hexen.Hd textures are always nice yet nobody still has to made a really good set of 3d models for the enemies for any of those games…Even the 3d models for the enemies in duke nukem are lame to be truthfull…

    Looking forward when you are able more of your amazing work!

    • I think the reason Doom has never had any really good 3D models made, is because anyone who could make good models, had already moved onto modding other games.

      Even Quake had pretty average quality models made by modders. It wasn’t till Quake 2 that modelers started getting really good, as the tools started to get better and better.

      Applications like 3DS Max weren’t available to the every day person. Those programs were and still are expensive, and its terrible to say this, but its because slow internet connections meant that it wasn’t as easy for people to pirate software as they can today. I remember using modeling applications like QME, Gmax and another program that may have started with N, which was a really great UVMapping program. It had a looped sample of Flukes “Absurd” upon start up.

      Another reason why 3D models for Doom are difficult to like, is because for so many years we got attached to the sprites, and despite how pixelated they are, there’s character in them that few modelers capture. The pinky demon is a perfect example. When people make a 3D model, they usually give it sharp pointy teeth, but the sprite has teeth made up of single pixels, making them look square.

      I have a pewter miniature of a Lost Soul somewhere, i got it with my copy of Doom3. I would really like to get the whole set and using my camera, take a series of photographs that i can convert into 3D models. They aren’t perfect, but with some work you could extract an almost perfect copy.

      Here’s a thread on crydev of a guy who did it do a little wooden carving:


  7. Right as always! I never have thought about how detailed some 2d sprites actually are in some games..I mean even after so many years many older games seem to age much better than much newer games,often their sequals.Especially in some games where digitized sprites were used like in tek war,whitchaver,realms of the haunting the results were amazing for their time and run of the mill 3d models would look horrible.
    Still with a technique like you describe you could make some amazing models without spending 1000 hours on a single model.Through it all boils down how much time you want to spend on a single project.For example until recently as you said even quake “hd models” were pretty much crude through recently a team effort called Epsilon mod brought together the best quake modders and they compiled the ultimate mod with some pretty cool models.
    In any case a cryengine doom 1 map 1 with proper 3d enemies sound cool !Still i am waiting for a proper Strife mod through ! It was probably the best doom engine game!

    • Indeed. If you compare Dungeon Keer with Dungeon keeper 2 you miss all the beasties in part two simply because the developers couldn’t make or didn’t had the recourses to put all the intricate monsters in part two. In part one you had all these monsters, spiders, gouls and tentacles. Where in part two you had only ‘humanoid’ characters. Then again the ‘upgrade’ from isometric or top down view to a 3D environment was impressive to say the least.

      • 3d brought on some huge limitations and it took a long time for hardware to get to the point where they could make a game like Doom and recreate a scene with 50 bad guys on screen, with bodies, items etc. Dungeon Keeper was awesome. I’ll have to find myself a copy of that and play it again. A friend of mine probably still has it somewhere, he was a hardcore fan.

  8. Mate I live in Queensland its pretty hot here but at least its not as hot as adelaide got, btw i suspect u live there do you? anyway awesome work, don’t give up yada yada yada and please release an test alpha soon

  9. Hey, I’m a programmer, i’m not very familiar with cryengine but if I put some time in it i’m sure I can help you out with the programming side of things. I would definitivly be willing to put some time in this as this game made its mark on me when I was a kid and would love to see a completed “how it was supposed to be” version of the game. It would be great!!
    Anyway let me know, maybe we can talk, I would have liked to contact you by email but could not find how too.

    • Hi, thanks for your message!

      First time a programmer has ever contacted me with any interest in the project!

      You can email me at: s13n1 (at) hotmail (dot) com


  10. can you tell me when will this game is comming

  11. Yep, agreed.

  12. Hi, I have recently upgraded my PC to play games like crysis 3. And I know about your project for some time. So when I was playing Crysis 3 and saw those big landscapes and the tall grass, my thoughts were in this game (AND in the velocirraptor/tall grass sequence in The lost world). I wanted to ask you, would you think on adding the behabiour of the hunter cephs and the tall grass to improve gameplay?

  13. Looks outstanding! I bought Trespasser in 2010 and I had a ton of fun playing it. Yes it had a lot of bugs and not so good graphics but I loved it. This remake is looking AMAZING. You sir are an artist! anyway I have 2 questions…

    1) Is this game going to be VERY cpu intensive like dayz and arma or is it going to be more GPU intensive?

    2) Is this remake going to have physics, shooting, etc. like Trespasser or is it just going to be a remake of the map?

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