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Its a pretty hot topic this one and i feel i need to voice my opinion on it, as i’m getting more and more fed up with the unintelligent comments i keep reading.

Facebook buying Oculus is a good thing.

Regardless of the outcome of the Oculus Rift as a product, its good for VR and gamers for many reasons.

Firstly, the financial backing should bring the price down and speed up development. You get it faster and cheaper. Yay. Secondly, the more mainstream a product becomes, the more competition it gets. Clones will surface, more options will become available, products will evolve faster, prices become cheaper, get better, more games are supported..

I don’t think i need to say any more?

So what will Facebook do that will screw the Rift up specifically? Put ad’s on it? Would have happened anyway in some form, don’t be naive. You don’t think the 15 title screens you sit through at the start of a modern “AAA” game is not advertising? That’s a game you paid for and it still contains ads. Get your priorities in order.

“Facebook is an evil company and its overrun with jerks, unsubscribed long ago”.

Okay. So what’s that got to do with the Rift? You think your virtual display will be flooded with updates and status’s from these jerky people? So you don’t mind the constant notifications and pop-ups from Steam and other online delivery systems, but if its from a Facebook powered service its not okay?

There is so much unintelligent bullshit being spewed by elitist fanboy’s its ridiculous. These people have a false sense of entitlement of a company and product, simply because they supported it or backed it.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I rarely use it these days, and when i do, its only to keep in contact with long distance friends i never get to see and to quickly organize social events or to post something i found interesting. I unsubscribed long ago, so my email is not bombarded with inane status’s and pictures of lattes and “my new golf bag!!”. I honestly don’t care about what “evil” things Facebook apparently does with peoples information. I don’t provide any more than the most basic of details, and, its not like im posting valuable secrets on there anyway. I’m not the Soup Nazi about to lose my million dollar recipe for cream of mushroom.

To post on Google+ that Facebook is evil and overrun with jerks, is a double standard of extreme magnitude. I see more bullshit in my personal and public G+ feed than i ever do on Facebook. At least on Facebook i can specifically block someone, yet on G+, nothing you can do will stop the flood of motivational quotes, 7 headed cobras, animated sparkly flower gifs, religious quotes, and my most-hated of all, gun bullshit. I’m so fed up with gun propaganda on Google+, that you will be seeing a post specifically about it here soon. Seriously.

Never, ever forget, that Google is an advertising company. They sell ads tailored specifically to the viewer. How do they do this? They collect your information and monitor your online movements. You have a Google phone in your pocket, a google tablet on your coffee table, a google chromebook laptop in your office, a pair of google glasses and a google watch. You’re basically a walking advertising company, proudly posting pictures of yourself wearing it in all its dorky glory, yet your posting about how evil Facebook is and is overrun with immature jerks, and that it should have been Google that bought Oculus?! You ignorant elitist brony-loving nerdy douche bag!

I predict Oculus will eventually launch their own online delivery system similar to Steam, running on some kind of modified Facebook powered software. We will have an online community where we can network with friends, keep up to date with new commercial Rift titles, indie titles, demos, updates, patches, products, competitions, promotions and discounts. Yes, how terrible it all sounds!

Carmack always talked about the Rift one day running its own OS, possibly an Android system that you use to launch games and run apps on. It probably would have evolved into its own Rift branded OS anyway, and it would have had ads on it and some kind of social network ecosystem. The only difference now, is it will happen faster and with support from an established and experienced company. And anyone who suggest Facebook cant provide a safe online environment, free from hackers and other software issues, is again being incredibly naive. Steam and PSN have had more than enough problems, and millions still use those services.

I’ll say it again. Facebook buying Oculus is a good thing for VR and gamers.

Turning your back on them now because of this, is an incredibly stupid decision, and anyone who does must have iron ingots in their head.

My opinion on this wont change, even if compatibility with this project is compromised. There will be other VR systems, and some of them will probably be better. People are modding the Rift DK1 with HD displays and will no doubt mod the DK2 as well, so get over it.

Its a good time for gamers!

~ by newoldmate on 27/03/2014.

19 Responses to “Oculus Book”

  1. Since you dont see a difference between steam and Facebook. I owned an oculus . Unsubscribe blog. Bai

    • The fact that all you got out of that post was “I don’t see a difference between steam and Facebook” confirms that you angry fanboys aren’t very intelligent.

  2. I thought this blog was about the remake of trespasser?

    • That’s correct.

      • Yeah I agree with your points newoldmate, but let’s just focus on your awesome work on Trespasser! Do you think it’ll ever be Oculus Rift supported?

      • We’ll have to wait and see what happens now, but I think support for DK1 and DK2 is pretty safe.

      • then why are you talking about the OR?
        it has nothing to do with trespasser….

      • Why?

        How about, because its my blog and I can post about whatever I like? I’ll post my recipe for gluten free vegetarian lasagne if I want to.

        I dont know if you’re new or just being ignorant, but I’ve blogged about the Rift quite a few times now, possibly 5 or more. The post has a lot to with this project, therefore a lot to do with trespasser.

        So you can drop the attitude, or I’ll block you like some of the nastier butthurt fanboys that have been upset with my difference of opinion.

        Facebook buying Oculus is good for VR and gamers. Read my post again and think about it properly.

        Facebook buying Oculus will make VR mainstream. There will be clones, prices will drop, products will get better.

        This is only a bad thing for bitter fanboys who are upse, because their little exclusive tech elite world is no longer limited to just them, but now also the general public. Oh no, Facebook people!

        Hipsters throw tantys and get bitter when their favorite indie band goes commercial and “everyone starts listening to them”. But they quickly find a new secret band and get on with their bearded skinny legged lives.

        If the Rift is turned into an ad-riddled turd failure, there will be 20 other VR units to choose from. Some of them will no doubt be better in some way.

        Get over it.

  3. I agree 100% with this post, well done! Btw, I love the project!

  4. Amen! (I guess) Well said, personally I’m a bit skeptical but qurious what the future might hold. It’s a good time for gamers indeed.

  5. Im sorry, but your reply to mine is just simply retarded. Keep treating people who take an interest in your project this way, and soon your making this for yourself. I just asked a question (in a normal way) and you awnser like im attacking you personally. I dont care about your rift or any other VR crap (I dont get your fanboys remark anyway). I just asked a question.
    Not sure what Im supposed to get over, but with you replying like this,
    it shouldnt be hard anyway.

    • I don’t treat people who take an interest in my project like this, never have, never will. You on the other hand obviously have no interest in it, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted:

      “I thought this blog was about the remake of trespasser?”

      and my reply: That’s correct.

      You: “then why are you talking about the OR? it has nothing to do with trespasser….”

      Anyone who’s been following this blog with any kind of interest would know why i was posting about the Oculus Rift. I’ve posted about the Rift many times, even passing on some tips on how to improve the screen door effect.

      You don’t know this because you’re either new or butthurt. I’m gonna go with butthurt.

      “I just asked a question”. Bullshit. I’m not 14 years old mate, i’m a mature adult who’s had enough life experience to see the passive aggression in your comments. You clearly have a problem with me not agreeing with all the other angry fanboys, so you give me some attitude about it, questioning me why im talking about something other than Trespasser, on my own blog!

      Oh, how dare i!

      It’s my blog. Its that simple.

      If you don’t agree with the sale of Oculus to Facebook, go over to an Oculus or Facebook blog and complain, dont give me attitude here. This is my blog and i see the sale as being a good thing for everyone. It may not turn out to be the best move for the Rift, but it will be good for VR and gamers.

      I posted my thoughts about the sale here, because its my blog and im a huge fan of the Rift. I didn’t visit someone else’s blog and give them attitude because they can only see the bad in it.

      I hate mediocre talentless pop stars, but i’ve got better things to do with my time then visit their fan pages and complain.

  6. lol I skip those OR post of yours because I have no interest. This time however I asked about it because I wanted to know why.
    As I said, I never read those post, so call me new to them. but namecalling certainly doest show your an adult. if you are older then 14 start acting like it, if you call this passive aggression you are gonna have some serious issues in the future. Read it again! 2 simple questions, asked in a normal way.
    Also again(!) I DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING WITH OR or even Facebook buying it, I dont care if they do or dont. go cry to someone else about it sales. I only asked why you talked about OR (and because imo it doesnt have anything to do your project) I asked for an explanation.
    granted you dont have to give me one, but if your gonna insult me right away, im gonna react to that.
    I didnt give you bad attitude either, but apparantly your so paranoid you take this as an attack on your OR interest.
    Maybe you should learn to understand that asking questions (to understand someone’s reasoning) is different then complaining.
    I did not have any intention to be negative, but reacting this way to some simple questions wont help.

    Goodluck with Universal.

    • You mean replying in an intelligent thought out way to some asshat who doesn’t know wth he’s talking about? Actually I just gained respect for the guy. Not so much you.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtvcL1jp50U Just found a video by JackSepticEye that explains his opinion on this, it’s very similar to yours!

  8. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan of Apple or their products. But i have no problem admitting their products have been largely responsible for the great range of phones and tablets we have today. Facebook will do the same for VR. Let’s just hope they don’t patent the hell out of it, and allow the technology to evolve.

  9. Wow, i just read that Oculus employees and their families were receiving death threats. What a sad world we live in. Its the kind of barbaric caveman behavior you’d expect from obsessed sports fans, not gamer types.

  10. Ya man, chill out. I just found out about your project and was interested in it until I saw you basically attacking people asking questions. Oh well, moving on. Good luck with your project.

  11. While not relevant to OR, the in-alpha indie title The Forest looks like a spiritual counterpart/successor to Trespasser. Horrifying, also.

    It seems you and your team- 2 others I believe- have proper competition. 😉

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