I’m kind of back :-)

Sorry for the lack of news, I’ve been busy. Real busy.

Today’s the first time in ages ive had a chance to sit down and use my desktop PC, and it feels great. The mouse actually felt weird to use!

I’ve been working some pretty harsh hours and just haven’t been able to allocate any time to the project. So im sorry if you were hoping for a big update, but there wont be one for a while yet.

My programmer Seb, has pulled out of the project for a number of reasons. CryEngine being very undocumented is a big issue and he simply doesn’t have the time needed to learn whats required for this project. My lack of support would also be a factor in this, as ive been less than communicative over the last few months.

Never mind though, these things happen and life goes on.

My plan is to continue with the CE2 work and finish off the Crysis level. There is not a huge amount of work left to finish it off, but its more time than i have right now. Once its finished ill be releasing it for you to have a play through, then i’ll move onto other aspects of the project.

I don’t really have any time to get any editing done, but between jobs and while on breaks i can get a bit of writing done on my tablet. So i’ll be focusing on trying to get my documentation sorted and start posting chapters of my walkthrough for you to read. They will be somewhat simplified and not go into too much detail, but i think they will be an interesting read for some of you.

I just want to thank you all for your comments and emails of the last couple of months. I know things have been quiet, but i promise ive not given up. I didn’t come this far to just abandon what ive done. I’m dedicated to this project till the end, no matter how long it takes.

Now before i go i want to share something with you that i absolutely adore. Being Jurassic Park fans I’m sure some of you have already heard it, but for those who have not, you’re in for a treat.

This is the Jurassic Park theme slowed down 1000%.

I highly recommend headphones and an hour to spare. Its pretty magical.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll try and get another post up within a week. If time permits ill hopefully have some of the walkthrough for you to read and if im really lucky i might even get time for some editing.

Enjoy the music!

~ by newoldmate on 10/06/2014.

7 Responses to “I’m kind of back :-)”

  1. Have you look into other engines beside Cryengine 2, like Unreal Engine 4? I wanted to check out Cryengine but unfortunately, the commercial product won’t give any game developer access to the source code witch is a major problem. Worse, there numerous of users who are reporting that Cryengine is crashing constantly.Because I want to have access of the source code for a game engine, I thought I might want to check out Unreal Engine 4 because it user friendly and give us access to all the tools I need for game development.

    Sure, I could argue that the Cryengine is a pretty good engine. Due to Cryteck not releasing any source code, it bring huge disappointment for me. So for starters, I thought I would use Unreal Engine 4 for starters.

    I had tried a teck demo of the Unreal Engine 4 on my latest PC “Stinger” (I build my PC last Summer btw), and I was impressed with the quality on the engine. I was able to run the demo at Ultra quality at around 30 to 40 FPS. Same exact FPS equivalent to a home console. Although the engine isn’t par with Cryengine, but it look pretty good. But the teck isn’t ready for me just yet.

    It not ready because I want the game engine to be compatible on older hardware machines. Sure, I could use the tools on the Engine to adjust the quality on the engine. But I want to wait just a few years until the engine matures itself and I have to get a degree on computer science at college first. I don’t want to have a flame war going on the comments, but that just my opinion.

    Oh, you need to let people know on Reddit /r/gamedev that you work on your fan made game. Plus, would it be OK if I could do a Let’s Play on you fan made project? Yes, I seen nasty issues with the content ID claim that happened on Youtube last December 2013, but I’m trying to make sure I get permission from you first before I upload my own content. I haven’t upload any videos, but I want to start out fresh.

  2. As always great to hear from you! If life gets in the way of this project, so be it. I believe you are above all fans of this project, the one who believes in it the most and will push trough to the end.

    On a side note, did you do some work on the Doom project or is that one on a little pause allso?

    Great JP music btw it’s very soothing, i’m having it on right now. Doors open entertainment system towards max and sitting in the sun doing some assesment work for my thesis. Thanks!


    ps. How are you on the financial side for the project. Are you good or could you use some funds? Maybe you could email me about it.

  3. Thanks for the update on how things are going. I think that this is awesome what you are doing. I loved playing the game when it came out years ago.

  4. Do you plan to use some music like this, maybe on a smaller scale (e.g. 5x)? Could be handy for the long phases in Trespassing where there’s nothing to fight, but of course it sounds strange when you stretch percussion…

  5. Hey,

    I teach sound design at Leeds Met University in the UK and would love to get involved in Trespassing, so let me know if there are any sound effects, Foley, music, voice over recording etc that you need 🙂

    Sam Greenwood

  6. Thank you for the update. I’m in it till the end as well. I also agree with danielbmmi, this would be great background for the game.

  7. Hi, I just wanted to tell you what your doing is great. I’ve spent countless times completing this game, and well you bringing it a refreshing new looks.
    I would pay to pay that game refined. Good job on the current work, love the pics and I honestly can’t wait till your finished :)!

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