Still Kicking

Yes, I’m still working on this despite the lack of updates!

I’ve had a couple days off one of my jobs due to a neck / back injury, so I’ve managed to allocate some time to the project and do a little bit of editing.

I simply haven’t had enough time to touch Unity though, i’ll need a lot more time to really dig deep and learn the editor and start working through some code tutorials. That will be saved for a time when im working just one job and have at least a few hours a day i can devote to it. At the moment that might not be till mid next year.

I’m doing some CryEngine 2 work, much the same as the Stage 1 work i was doing before i started work on the CryEngine Tech Demo.

Speaking of which, that unfinished Tech demo level was finally released over at TresCom a while back and a few people had trouble getting it to work. Its really just a matter of extracting into the GameSDK\Levels\ dir and then loading it through the editor. Any errors are out of my control really, as its probably a driver issue or the path is not correct. CryEngine is a pretty finicky engine, so its not hard to get something wrong.

I wont be working with it again, but i do still love CryEngine 2. I’ve got a lot of really nice stuff still to release for CE2, and when i get enough time to finish it, ill release it.

I wont be posting many updates from now on, as i simply don’t have time. If i get time to use my PC, i’d rather be working on it than posting about my lack of progress.

One final thing, it wasn’t till about 2 months ago that i finally got to read the Article that Joystiq posted about me and the project. The Article was pretty cool, but there was a lot of stuff that was very old and not correct. So sorry for anything misleading there.

Anyway, it feels good to post something and i hope i get more time to do so soon!


~ by newoldmate on 21/10/2014.

4 Responses to “Still Kicking”

  1. Yup, the tech demo worked fine, just some people extracted the level to levels\singleplayer\ subdir, so they had tons of missing stuff when loaded up the editor. I posted a comment on the news section, but it was never picked up, they still have the wrong tutorial posted in the news section. Anyway, your work is still awesome, and I will patiently wait for news. Good luck!

  2. Make sure you don’t over do it when you return to work!!

    Been there…done that.:(

    About the project: Just do what you can when time allows. All anyone can ask for, really.

  3. @youzuki Did I maybe miss that? Is it in the comments below or did it get lost in the spamfilter?

  4. Nice, Keep kicking!

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