Making Progress

I’m slowly getting my head around this version of CryEngine.

The TOD editor in particular has taken some time to get used to. A lot has changed and many controls have been removed and added.

Right now im just blocking out the island, adding main structures and details, but i decided to see what i could make with some of the included assets.

Site B 01

The above shot was taken in version 3.5.8, not the latest EaaS version.
I will be doing some prototyping in the EaaS version, but the project will be using 3.5.8.

This was only about an hours work, but i think it looks pretty good considering. This was just an in-editor shot so it’s not very good quality, but i will post a nice high-res shot soon don’t worry.

The detail here is about what im aiming for, perhaps a bit higher. I wont be going as silly as i did in that FlyThrough video i posted, as that was way too dense and was actually a distraction.

It’s great to be working on this again.

~ by newoldmate on 03/11/2014.

7 Responses to “Making Progress”

  1. Mate, this is one of the sickest mods I’ve ever been following. Awesome to see that you are back working on it! Keep up the great work and I’m convinced that your final product will be amazing.

  2. Hi,

    I teach sound design at a university in England and would be happy top help with any sound needs you may have for this project.


    • Hi Sam, thanks for the offer. Not sure what i’ll need at this stage, but one thing i would like to do is clean up the voice-overs. I think for the most part Anne’s are pretty consistent, but Hammond’s fluctuate in quality and volume, so it would be great to normalize them and clean them up as much as possible. Hard to say what could be done though as the reverb and echo might be too strong to remove.

      Shoot me an email at s13n1 at and ill keep hold of your details.


  3. I have a question will you be keeping John hammond’s voice

    • I did consider having all his lines re-recorded in the Marcel the Shell voice, but i’m not sure.

      Seriously though, the voiceovers will remain as they were, just with some slight changes in the order and placement of some of them.

  4. Hey this is scallenger, the guy who did Jurassic Time. If you want voice-only of all the Hammond dialogue that I had cleaned up a bit for Jurassic Time: Annotated, let me know! I did a bit of normalizing and got rid of some of the hiss to make it sound as good as possible without it sounding “pixelated”. Shoot me a message!

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