HD Pics

I’ve been sorting out textures and vegetation species, and have a pretty good range now.

I’m using some custom veg assets that really help avoid that typical “Crysis look”. They look fantastic, but they’re not perfect, so I’ve been in contact with the author and hopefully he can make a few adjustments and export some more species so they are compatible with this version of the engine.

All veg species wave and flow about in the wind, its really lovely to watch. Performance is great too, at times peaking at 80fps.

HD Pic 01

HD Pic 02

HD Pic 03

~ by newoldmate on 06/11/2014.

10 Responses to “HD Pics”

  1. So are you ever going to do a complete version we can actually play?

    • Probably not. I enjoy not finishing things, and never being fulfilled. The version i won’t release won’t be finished and you won’t be able to play it.

      Seriously? Of course i plan on releasing it.

      Just don’t forget, i’m making this for me, not you.

      • I remember donating money to help you get a new PC so I could play the game.

      • I’m having trouble finding your transaction. Can you tell me when it was so i can issue a refund.


      • I didn’t mean it that way. Ih’m just dying to play that thing!

  2. Dare I to say, very sexy sir!

  3. This project is so exciting and is looking phenomenal! You’re showing us Trespasser the way it deserves to be. Great job!

  4. Shocked at your devotion given how tight your schedule seems to be! Is there an email address we can contact you at if we want to offer any form of assistance to the project?

  5. Wow. This was one of my favorite childhood games. I used to run it on an old win95 computer with a Voodoo 2 gpu lol… and it still gave around 10 fps haha.. Beat the entire game that way and still loved it. I was learning unity awhile back and kept thinking about what I would make. All I could really come up with at the moment was to “remake” something old though. I believe you’re doing exactly what I wish I would’ve done. This is amazing. If you ever need any help, some research done, or your dayjob taken over so you can work on just this.. lol.. I’d love to contribute in any way I can.

  6. just want to say this looks really awesome, 1 question, I am new here and still reading trough the blog, will it still have the original controls, I really loved it the original

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