Nedry’d Up

I just scored myself a Motorola Envoy for $100.

If you’re not sure what that is, this should remind you..

Motorola Envoy - Nedry's Desk

That’s a lot of money for an old and somewhat useless device that essentially has only asthetic value, but when you consider the rarity of these devices and that one sold on ebay last week in the same condition for $560, its a pretty good deal.

I now have a Sony Magic Link, a Data Rover 840 and now the Motorola Envoy.

When it arrives, I’ll be taking photos of the Envoy to not only post here, but to use as textures when the time comes to model it. You can read the post “Fun Times” to get an idea of what it would be used for in the game.

Now all I need is the can of shaving cream prop, and my Nedry desk is pretty much complete.

~ by newoldmate on 12/11/2014.

8 Responses to “Nedry’d Up”

  1. Awesome!

  2. Congratulations. Nice gadget, movie paraphernalia. Looking forward to the day this tool is featured in game.

  3. Oh, I played Trespasser when I was a child and when I heard about this project of yours I became lyrical about it. I understand there’s a lot of work in doing this, so I just wanted to give you an encouraging message as well as an thank you for doing this. Take your time with it, dude! *cheers you on*

  4. Awesome work man!
    Will this Motorola be a scene prop or can it be actually used by the player in the game?
    are you going to do a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign?
    if not do you still accept donations? ive read about them, but I cant find further info or a link about it?
    Keep it up!

    • If you search for the post Fun Times, it will explain my plans for the device in-game. I did have an email address up for people wanting to donate, but I’m no longer accepting them. I don’t like the pressure it puts on you, particularly when life gets busy and the updates slow down. A kick starting campaign may happen one day, but not for a very long time. It’s not one of my priorities. Cheers.

  5. I think its great ur remaking this game an I’ve been following this for a long time but I’m starting to have douts. I mean I dunno about the rest of anyone but I feel your this guy is too worryied about what people are gonna think an taking waay to much time to decide witch programs ur gonna use an not use an on top of the complaining it to hot for the space ur in so u never have time to work.I kno ur only one guy but usually when one guy sets his mmmind on one project insted of a bunch u get a lot more stuff done. Maby u shouldn’t have taken on the project if I knew u wouldent be able to put ur all into it……Just saying an hope u prove me wrong Love Jurassic Park

  6. Well that was a bit harsh.

    As a long time follower i know what ‘when it’s done means’. He never promisted anything other than a smashing result. From what i have seen all the self taught skills are paying off one or the other way. I think nobody is as hardcore in his enthusiasm and persistence towards this project as newoldmate is.
    Pitty you have doubts but he doesn’t have to prove you anything.

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