Merry Xmas

Just a quick one to say Merry Xmas and have a safe and happy new year!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I haven’t been working on the project much as ive been busy with other things.

My Doom project to be specific.

Once again, I encountered some issues with CryEngine that i’ve been unable to fix, and the community and devs have all moved onto newer versions, so getting answers is like pulling teeth and the chances of a fix pretty much impossible. All newer versions of the engine are EAAS and have a lighting system i don’t want to use, so im up shit creek without a paddle.

Call me crazy, but i feel no version of CryEngine since Crysis 1 has been stable enough to use for this project. I just can’t get all the features i want working together without something breaking. Terrain shadows, sprites, lighting, vegetation. There’s always something that fails, but in this case its vegetation and terrain shadows.

Those old CryEngine 2 scenes i posted from the south of the island looking towards the mountain, with rolling hills of jungle and clouds, are next to impossible to achieve in the newer engine. Well, they’re not next to impossible, they are impossible. At that scale anyway.

I’m glad i didn’t have a lot of work done before the problems reared their ugly unwanted heads, just the very start of the opening Beach level.

I’ll be holding off any serious work until i decide what to do, but I’m only working the one job now so there’s a good chance ill be able to tinker around with some other engines and see what i can come up with. I won’t be making any statements about my plans, as im sick of being let down and letting all of you down.

I’ll come back in the new year with more news about what ive been up to with my Doom stuff, as its starting to get really good.



I stated working with MudBox again about 2 months ago, and for practice i decided to sculpt Alan Grant. It’s a bit rough, but it was my first sculpt in a long time. I’ve gotten a hell of a lot better since this, but i though some of you might like to see it anyway.

Grant Sculpt WIP

~ by newoldmate on 24/12/2014.

16 Responses to “Merry Xmas”

  1. Hey. Love your work. Been following a while. Have you had a look at Unreal Engine 4. Now that they have the new terrain stuff with very large areas doable it may be what you are looking for? I have used unity for about 3 years because I had to but it sucks. I’m now using Unreal Engine 4 and its so nice.

    • I recently played with UE3 and liked it, but found the terrain system a bit limited. I haven’t looked seriously at UE4, but I intend to when I get time. I was seriously impressed with Ethan Carter on UE3, so I can only imagine what could be achieved with UE4. I played around with the beta of Unigine 2 recently, but it’s seriously lacking tutorials and a good community. I think they need to make it more open to the public and then the support will grow.

  2. Unigine seems to be real good, especially after I saw the valley scene. If unity could be that fast with so dense vegetation, I would be more than happy.

  3. I love your project even more I do love Trespasser. I’m following your project and my intention is not to say something bad, but that Allan Grant looks a bit like Richard Nixon, doesn’t he

  4. Hey mate i love the project and cant wait to play it someday. you should start up a kickstarter and get some funding to get this project to completion. I know there is a huge JP fan base out there that love playing the games and wish they kept up with newer graphics.

    • You can’t really get a kickstarter for this type of project, unfortunately. That is copyright infringement. The JP fan base would go nuts for a game like this, but it profit that would be illegal to be funded commercially. Private donations though…

  5. Trespasser is probably the most memorable game I’ve ever played. I may have to search for my original disc and play it again. This looks like a great project. I wish I had the knowledge and skills to help out, but I”m just now beginning to learn programming and 3D animation. Unreal Engine 4 looks like a good candidate for this. The older versions, maybe not so much.

  6. When the game is released, will it be compatible with the Oculus Rift?

  7. Great Project! Hopefully you can carry on your good work and finish this. I’m looking forward to your next “news update”!

  8. I really must agree with Jarrett. Get funding. Build a team. Start really creating this game. There are thousands of ppl that would love to pay 49.99 to get in line to see where this game goes. This’s a heart-felt project for me. Very close to my childhood and about as nostalgic as anything could ever be for me. I have checked this website religiously for a very long time. This is what the JP fans need. Something better than the crap adventure game or park builder. We want a modernized bloody and dark survival simulator that rivals the original Trespasser. GIVE US TRESPASSER! OR GIVE US DEATH! lol… but seriously. I got into the tech demo level and almost cried.

  9. Hey Newoldmate, just a little question, no rushing, no pressure haha
    How do you export Trespasser’s objects to CE? I mean I use the editor, extract the stuff, import it into 3d max, and then export it to CE Editor, but they’re always wrong, they have a bad scale (can be easily fixed) but they have no texture, they are red and it says replace this texture.

    Could you explain this to me in a few words how to do it?


  10. I’m thinking this has been totally abandoned.

  11. Hey mate! I love your work, i’m a huge fan of tresspasser and i’d love to help you out with tresspassing 😀 (yeah, i’m a developer). Send me an email so we can keep in touch.


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