Nice Water’s back

For some unknown reason, when i stopped working on the really high detailed version of the island seen in the fly through video, a lot of the materials got corrupted or lost. I hadn’t changed directories or anything, i just opened the old map one day and lots of stuff was broken. Bizarre.

One of the materials i lost was some nice water with real time reflections.

Nice Water's Back

I spent some time today remaking the material and think its looking pretty good. The screenshot quality here suffered as i had to screen grab a low res version of the scene from the editor and paste the water over top of a nice high res capture. The high res e_screenshot command wont capture post processing effects, so the water was just a glowing light blue colour.

I’ve also blocked out most of the islands south. Once most of the objects are in place ill go through and paint vegetation. I’m holding off doing that because the sheer number of instances is causing really long save times and is stressing me out a bit. The last thing i want it to lose work.

~ by newoldmate on 20/05/2015.

4 Responses to “Nice Water’s back”

  1. Thanks for keeping up with this and sharing updates. So psyched to see it develop.

  2. You are KILLING me! 🙂 I wanna play it!

  3. Looks really great!

  4. “How far are you willing to go into the abyss?”
    “To the very bottom.”

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