I’m not fussing over absolute perfect placement of vegetation.
Im focusing more on just making it look nice.

Heading in-land

Heading in-land

~ by newoldmate on 29/05/2015.

3 Responses to “Comparison”

  1. Im following your project for long time, ive never written until now, but I want to say its really cool what ure doing here. Very nice comparison pics.

    Trespasser is still my favorite dinosaur game. Havent seen something similar until now. Dino Crisis is cool too, but something complete different, theres nothing to discover, no interaction between dinosaurs. And in most games you are armed as hell against the dinosaurs and they all try to kill you.

    The only thing what would have made Trespasser even better -> Baby Dinos 😉

  2. cant wait for this, keep up the good work

  3. Your work its amazing!! this game will be just perfect

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