Two more things..

One of my dinosaur books arrived today, Death And Discovery. There’s still four more to come, so fingers crossed for next week.

This book features only one illustration by Steve Kirk, the cover, but its a beauty as usual.

Dinosaurs - Death And Discovery

I can’t wait to see the others and get some ideas for the dino models.

Something else i wanted to share was a video i came across today that somehow i hadn’t seen before.

Moments That Changed Movies: Jurassic Park

I dunno how i missed this clip, its awesome.

Obviously made for the 21st birthday of Jurassic Park, it reveals a few new details about the transition from stop motion to full CGI. We all know the story about how the early CGI tests with the skeletons showed that the technology was ready, and so they switched from stop motion to CGI, but this clip focuses on the guys who were directly responsible for those tests.

Those guys have such a great job and love what they do so much, had it not been for their dedication and after hours work, who knows how the movie would have turned out and where the movie industry would be today.

Less than a month till Jurassic World comes out too. I’ve already got my IMAX tickets! 🙂

I’ve tried to avoid all news and promo clips, and only watched 2 of the actual trailers. I’d rather see the movie in the theatre than broken up into 500 small clips on the internet.

Seriously, why do people ruin it for themselves by obsessing over every single piece of info released. Do yourselves a favour and save it for the cinema!

I remember seeing just the one trailer for the original movie, and it premiered on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. I don’t think i ever seen anything else about it until it came out. In those days of low quality T.V, i have this memory of not seeing what it was that smashed through the fallen tree, chasing the Jeep. For some reason i thought it was some big sabre tooth cat thing. Hehe, stupid kid.

Man, if they ever invent something you can wear or ingest that allows you to relive your memories, watching Jurassic Park for the first time as a kid is surely my number one.

I could probably just take mushrooms and watch the first one.. Holy shit.

~ by newoldmate on 29/05/2015.

4 Responses to “Two more things..”

  1. Definitely looking forward to Jurassic World! I’ve actually seen this clip before, I have the JP trilogy on DVD and that was part of the special features. They say that JP was the movie that started the whole CGI craze even though it wasn’t the first to use CGI.

  2. I think the only way to experience something again for the first time is to watch it with someone who’s never seen it before. Glancing over to some kids reacting to Jurassic Park 3D in the theater was pretty great.

    • Watching it in 3D at IMAX was pretty incredible. Apart from some strange parallax issues with the foliage, it was some of the best 3D i’ve ever seen. Those guys did a bloody amazing job. I think it comes down to the movie being slower and not the fast shaky cam, motion blur bullshit they make today. When there’s shit going on you can’t make out, 3D just makes it even worse.

      • Yup. I work in Hollywood and everyone involved hates 3D, but we still have to make it. Surprised it has lasted this long.

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