Fallout 4

What can I say, I think it looks amazing.

I watched it on an iPad Air 2 and the visuals looked amazing. On the smaller high res screen it looked lovely and crisp, with plenty of small details everywhere. I don’t know how much of that opening room is dressed up for the video, but all the debris in the floor are 3D and the dog has some nice looking fur.

It showed a great range of scenery too, with some shots looking a bit like a post apocalyptic Blade Runner. The game looks to have a serious boost in colour too. I found the previous game to be very drab and grey, seriously lacking in colour.

Speaking of visuals, people have been whining for years about when this game is coming, and now the trailer finally drops, they continue to whine over the graphics looking last gen.

Seriously, what the hell.

I love that there are still companies out there being secretive about their work, not revealing too much until just before release. There’s not enough surprises in the world! There was a time when the only game news you had was from magazines, once a month. That is, if you were lucky enough for them to cover that particular game. If you were really lucky, maybe some 640×480 screens on a cover disc, or a 320×200 video. If you were even luckier, a demo.

Today we have open betas, early access, blogs, podcasts, 8k screenshots, 4k videos, developer interviews, diaries, and it’s still not enough.

Kids today don’t know how spoiled they are.

~ by newoldmate on 04/06/2015.

7 Responses to “Fallout 4”

  1. Hey!

    I think it looks amazing, people nowadays go like “man, graphics suck so, so the game sucks, what is this 2002?” but people like us, who love Trespasser for example. We know how to appreciate a good game, it’s not all about graphics, for me it’s all about immersion.

    I remember I played Half Life 2 quite a while after it was released and after the hype was going down, and they weren’t the most amazing graphics anymore, but DAMN! the game was so well done, everything in its right place, the sounds, the points of view and angles… all of it. It was so immersive.

    I don’t think we need graphics that much better than what we’ve seen lately. Lately it’s all about anisotropic filter and antialising, they just keep adding more and more layers and filters, but if the game has no story, if there is nothing behind, then it actually sucks.

    Fallout 3 also gave me this feeling of actually being in this “universe”, same with Skyrim and before that, Oblivion. Now that I think of it, it would be interesting to write a list with all of those incredible and immersive FPS games. It would probably go like this:

    Duke Nukem 3D > Quake 2 > TRESPASSER > Resident Evil (1 – 2 and 3: Nemesis) > Half Life > Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear > Thief and Thief 2 > Medal of Honor > Allied Assault > Return to Castle Wolfenstein > GTA III (and it’s sequels since they became 3rd person games) > Battlefield 2 > World of Warcraft (yeah yeah.. I know, shut up lol) > Brothers In Arms Road to … > FEAR > Doom 3 > Half Life 2 > Bioshock > Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare > Fallout 3 > Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2 > Portal > Lost Planet 1 and 2 > Battlefield 3 > Farcry 3 > and now.. I don’t know, the last immersive and amazing thing I saw was The Forest, but it’s still Early Access….

    I know I’m probably forgetting a lot of really good games, but these are the ones I can remember right know, and yes, I know they’re not all FPS, but again I’m talking about immersion.

    Now, changing topics, I’m really excited about your project as usual, I was really scared for a while since I didn’t see any updates, I thought maybe you had given up or something (which I would respect if it happened) but I was so happy with the new posts and new pictures.

    I started creating my own version of the island, which is only for my own use and I never plan to publish it or anything, in Cryengine and I really like some Ideas that i had. It’s not beautiful, but it’s playable and you get to go from (my version of) lvl 1 – The Beach to the mountain and that’s where you find an actual working heli and you get to fly away haha it sounds silly putting it so simple and short, but there is more to it.

    I’ve discovered that I’m not bad at all at designing the levels, designing jungle, abandoned structures and stuff… and man, I’d love to learn how to export models from trespasser to put them in Cryengine. I’ve exported them and put them into 3D MAX and then into Cryengine, but I keep fucking up the textures, the scale (which is fixable in cryengine by just making them bigger or smaller) but they aren’t solid. I’ve smashed my head against the keyboard so many times trying to make them work but I just can’t haha, I remember I tried using some of the stuff from your version of the demo, and Man! they looked so good between the trees and stuff… I wish I had the skills to export and import stuff like you do haha.

    I’ve been following you from a while since I saw your custom levels in the trespasser forums and you never cease to amaze me with your work!

    Keep up the good work, congratulations as usual, and see you around!

  2. There is only one word that can be used to describe this trailer: AWESOME!!

  3. I playied this game when I had 4 years old,seeing your remake today,I’m just so happy this is awesome! the remake is just fantastic! I really want to see this finished and ready to play!

  4. I’m more interested in playing your Trespasser remake! It’s looking so good, I wish I had some talent to offer, can’t wait to get a chance to run around in it.

  5. Please do kickstarter or some sort of crowdfunding! It would be a real shame if this project never saw the light of day!

  6. It’s been a few months now, any news or updates? 8)

  7. love your project!!! you inspired me to start my own in unity engine (first time using it too!) and me an in experienced game maker has gotten my games facebook page to 300+ likes in no time which means that projects like this are gonna go far (at the moment I have 2 other people on my team creating models and i am implementing them into the game making scripts and such) if you need any revamped trespasser models you can ask me anytime and I might just have it (I am willing to do this because I know yours is going to be better)

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