Beach Resort

Another shot of the Beach Resort.

Beach Resort

The Resort is pretty much complete now, so I’ve moved onto constructing some models for the Town and Jungle Road, such as sidewalks, walls and monorail track.

The designer tool allows really easy creation of monorail track using the lathe tool. I just make the end profile of the track and merge it with a polyline in the desired shape of the track, hit lathe, click the end of the track and it sculpts the whole thing. Very cool!

I’ll post some shots soon.

~ by newoldmate on 16/10/2015.

6 Responses to “Beach Resort”

  1. looks great, can’t wait

  2. Looks amazing. I’m impressed. 😉

  3. when will you be done with the game

  4. Love this remake it looks f*cking excellent.

    Keep on going with it, Your dedication to detail is flawless.

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