I finally got around to importing one of Trespasser’s trees into Cryengine.

Trespasser Palms

How overdue is this?

I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time, but I’ve always been busy with other things. This Palm is one of Trespassers large “Cuban Palm” varieties. There is just one species for now, but it has animating leaves and sways in the wind. You cant shoot the trunk and break it yet, ill do that later down the track.

Trespasser Palms

There is just a simple detail map for some bumpiness and there is an opacity map, so from underneath, the light passes through the leaves and you can see the shadows on the other side. The original Trespasser textures hold up pretty well. All i did was change the color of the alpha areas, then upscale by 200% and then downscale, to help anti-alias the edges a bit.

I also upped the poly count a bit, adding some more curves here and there, nothing too crazy. I wanted to keep it pretty close to the original. This is not a full-on remake, just an overhaul. I need to tweak the colours a bit more, but its looking pretty good for a first attempt.

The next step is to make the other three versions of this tree, which are another more shabby looking green one, and two dead ones.

I’ll also be making dead palm leaves to scatter around the ground under them.

Once ive got a good variety, ill update the beach and see how it looks.

~ by newoldmate on 24/10/2015.

5 Responses to “Palms!”

  1. I am so happy you are posting again!!

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  2. Question: Are you planning on using the original Trespasser textures for the final product way down the road, are are they just serving as a placeholder? I meant this directed towards all of the instances I’ve seen of the original textures, not just necessarily for this house.

    Also, any plans or ideas to somewhat up the “realistic” factor of some of these buildings? I think everything looks good, don’t get me wrong, but it almost seems somewhat out of place when the rest of the island land itself seems to realistic and beautiful.

    • As the other guy said though, super thrilled to see you posting again! Missed the days of opening my email and regularly seeing updates, been a real treat to see them again these last few days. I LOVE reading the technical stuff, very interesting and informative. Please don’t ever feel like you need to hold off for fear that it’s boring or that no one will understand it anyways, I promise there are plenty of us who quite enjoy it! Learned a lot about CryEngine from your blog, let us know sometime how it’s treating you these days haha

  3. any video’s pf the current progress?

    looks great btw

  4. the original textures still look surprisingly good!

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