Broad Leaf Palm

Another new vegetation species, this time its a broad leaf ground Palm.

Broad Leaf Palm

I’ve added some additional leaves / fronds and a slight colour variation to the older leaves. I considered adding a central spiral of new sprouts, but decided to keep it simpler so it looks more like the original.

Like the Cuban Palms, these use the original textures and just a simple detail map for a slightly bumpy surface to catch some highlights.

Hope you dont mind lots updates, a lot of you have said you do, i’ll try to post each new species i import and eventually a screen shot of a scene of them all together.

It will be awesome to see a level like Industrial Jungle filled with Trespasser Trees, all with shadows and blowing in the wind.

~ by newoldmate on 26/10/2015.

5 Responses to “Broad Leaf Palm”

  1. Great work!

  2. Yeaaaa keep those updates coming baby! Would love to see that Industrial Jungle shot too. I can’t wait to revisit this world someday. Looking forward to it.

  3. Very happy to receive frequent updates, looks great

  4. They look great. And the coloring of the old leaves is well thought out.
    Maybe you could still do one with a central spinal. Just as an alternative to the original but seen less ingame.

    I was wondering about the placement process. Is it pretty much eyeing the original location and then placing them. Or do you have a location file of somesort which sorts out many of the coordinates for trees and plants?

    • It can be tough getting the exact location, but it does get easier as the island fills out. I have TresED open and primarily go off terrain features, then once i get into more open areas, where the terrain is a little flat, I space them between other trees and objects. It makes a huge difference having them placed accurately, instead of just whatever looks good. Although the original game was quite sparse and random, if you match the bigger species and fill out the gaps, it looks pretty good. For levels like Pine Valley though, there’s hundreds of trees and it would be almost impossible to match them all. You could select all the trees in TresED and export as one object, then mess about with the scale and import it into Cryengine and place trees over top, but that would be insanely OCD, and I’m not that bad. Yet. 🙂

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