More Plants ;-)

Four more plants!

4 More Plants

Two new smaller variety of Palms, and a new smaller broad leaf ground palm, with a red version for variety.

Although I’m getting faster at making them, i’m starting to take a bit longer each time to make them look better.

Here’s how the above plants in Trespasser:

Trespasser Plant Comparison

~ by newoldmate on 27/10/2015.

2 Responses to “More Plants ;-)”

  1. Horay for variety!

  2. Hi mate,
    i am really looking forward for this remake so please don’t give up. 🙂
    I am curious whats your plan for the town base plain? Will it be a total flat big surface like in the original or you gonna make it a bit more realistic?

    and if for any reason you missed CryTek’s new project:

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