Bird of Paradise / “Jungle Orchid”

New Plant!

This is a Bird of Paradise or “Jungle Orchid”, as its called in Trespasser.

Bird of Paradise / 'Jungle Orchid"

Like the Ground Creeper in the previous post, this one’s 100% made from scratch. I wanted to make something a bit more realistic, because the flowers are a bit hard to make look good unless you make them 3D, and not just a 2D texture. Now that I’ve got back into 3DS Max and its integrated perfectly into Cryengine, i can pump out models quickly, without jumping through hoops exporting and setting up materials.

I also went back and tweaked the textures for some other models, which can be seen here.

I realised i was using the wrong format for my textures which resulted in serious quality issues, so both the diffuse and normal maps were screwed up. Before i get too far ahead of myself, ill go back and fix all the models i’ve made so far, and hopefully see improvements everywhere.

~ by newoldmate on 02/11/2015.

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  1. very realistic

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