Updated Textures

Here’s a shot of the updated textures and a new plant too 😉

Updated Textures

~ by newoldmate on 03/11/2015.

7 Responses to “Updated Textures”

  1. Wanted to thank you for the massive amount of updates. Your doing a helluva job keep up the good work.

  2. So, how do you do it so that they don’t look shitty and fake? Every time I try adding different plants, cryengine gives them that shitty – yellowish shining effect and they look really bad from the distance.

    I’ve been working on my own version of the island for a while. It’s way less detailed than yours ofc. I’ve been learning by myself how to export things from tresed into 3dMax and then put them into cryengine, and it’s been hard for me, I’m not gonna lie. But I still struggle with 3 things.

    – When I finnaly import this objects into Cryengine they always have a different size (super tiny) that’s probably a mistake I make when I import them from Tresed into Cryengine.

    – They have no collision, I can usually fix that by using the tool in cryengine to create shapes and bodies and make them invisible. But it takes a long time and it’s lame.

    – I really have no Idea how to attach textures to the objects inside 3dMax, I’ve tried and when I render them, it looks like they have the textures, but when I finnally export them and import them into cryengine, they’re just gray. So, for now I’ve decided to assign them some random MTL’s from Cryengine.

    Is there any mail where I can send you a couple of screenshots and maybe ask you 1 or 2 questions? (no rush, no pressure)

    • There is really no way of answering with anything worthwhile, unless I spend a few hours making a tutorial, which I’m afraid I just don’t have time to do.

      I would suggest starting with something basic and working your way up to vegetation. If you don’t have textures working in Max, you have no chance of making vegetation models (any models for that matter). You need to be able to UV the leaves properly and build your models based on the textures. Working blind would be impossible.

      Adding Trespasser models to the equation makes things even more difficult. The models have a lot of issues that need fixing first before they are even suitable for importing into Cryengine. They need to be scaled, Xform reset, vertices welded, duplicate polys removed, isolated vertices removed. Then you need to maintain UV mapping as best you can, while increasing polys.

      All that requires textures to be visible, otherwise you won’t know what’s happening. Not only how it looks, but if the UVs are still okay.

      Some models have 7 different materials. 6 types of leaves, and a trunk. You’ll need to combine all 6 leaves into one sheet and reduce the materials to two. Then make new branches from the texture sheet. Duplicate the branches and distribute them based on the original model.

      Next you need to vertex paint the entire model. 3 different layers of Red Green and Blue, to determine what vertices are affected by the wind animation.

      Physics is pretty simple. Just check “Physicalise” in the material window for the trunk / branches. You need to make a seperate mesh for a physics proxy though, which is for bullet decals and what not. You also need to make an occlusion mesh, which controls how much you can see through the foliage. So you can hide from A.I.

      The physics proxy and occlusion mesh I have not bothered with, as these are place holders. I haven’t even started to learn the touch bending or breakable elements.

      There is a huge amount of stuff to learn to make veg models.

      Start with some basic 6 sided box models. Import a textured crate and go from there.

      Search for some tuts on YouTube and search the CryDev forums.

      There’s a lot of info out there for this stuff, you just need to slow down and read through things step by step.

      I’m a pretty impatient person and like to jump right into things, but you really have to learn to crawl before you can walk, as you’ll miss out on learning the basics of model creation.

      One day when I get time, I will write up some tutorials / info on what had to be done to make what I’ve done so far. It’s a long and tedious process working with an older game, trying to convert and update it.

      Having your tools setup correctly is most important though, because stuff like scale is not an issue when you can simply jump back to max, scale it, export, and instantly the changes are visible in Cryengine.

      I would suggest trying to make the Trespasser demo level. Learn from that, then move into a bigger project.

      Good luck! 😉

      • Thank you so much Newoldmate, I’m sorry if answering my questions took a bit of your time. But I actually read the whole thing and I will follow your instructions.

        I’ve decided to use cryengine’s default vegetation for now, as I’m more interested in importing objects like buildings, vehicles, furniture, and such.

        I’ll try to do that “check “Physicalise” in the material window ” today, and I’ll write you back, I’ll try to remember taking a couple of screenshots.

        Oh! and please do not think I want to do what you are doing, or replacing you, or compete or anything like that, because I’m not. This is only a personal thing, for my son and me, I’m not planning on sharing or publishing my island haha. This started some time ago when my kid played Trespasser for the first time and he loved it, and he asked me if there was any way of making a new one with new graphics and cooler dinosaurs hahaa it sounds so easy like that. So I tried making a few “trespasser-looking levels on different editors, like Farcry and even Skyrim, and I thought of taking some dinos from Turok (2008) but nope, nothing worked like I wanted, so then I moved on to Cryengine, I started learning through some tutorials online and from some torrent I downloaded haha like you said. But yeah, I think I’m missing some of the basics.

        Thank you for your advice!

  3. That looks real enough to touch! I’m looking forward to playing this game!

  4. This is really great work! I love getting these updates.

  5. Okay, I tried doing what you said, but with objects first (buildings and stuff) Only with the ones that are 1 whole object and not many different parts, in this case the.. bar? from the city.

    Thanks to you I’ve physicallized them and now they have collision, but the texture thing is just a mess for me, I’m still making a lot of mistakes at some point.

    I took these 2 screenshots.

    er-gabo.deviantart.com/art/Damn-3d-max-570312624?ga_submit_new=10%253A1446687834 (add the http)

    So, as you see I was just working on the “roof”, selected the polys and stuff, then went into materials, selected Crytek shader and clicked on specular to choose the .bmp file with the roof tile, but if I apply it to the selection it doensn’t show anything when I render the damn thing and even if I export/import it into cryengine it will appear with no texture and the classic “replace me” red body

    And the next one

    er-gabo.deviantart.com/art/Damn-it-570312263 (add the http)

    The one on the left was imported with collision, everything okay, the texture is a wood reference applied from cryengine to the whole object. The one on the right is the one I tried adding the textures through 3dMax and it just doesn’t work.

    Again it’s not my intention to distract you, so only if you actually have time, I’d be happy if you could help me just a little bit. If not, it’s okay, you already helped me a lot 🙂

    Thank you as usual!

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