More new vegetation textures.

More New Textures

I want an exotic look for the vegetation, so its not all the same green and brown for bark and leaves. I think colour is sorely lacking in games today, with far too much colour grading used for a “cinematic” look. I haven’t played with the lighting much, just tweaked the HDR settings.

The birds are real too.

~ by newoldmate on 04/11/2015.

7 Responses to “More!”

  1. I’m loving the progress you’re making! It’s looking fantastic.

  2. Woah! Holy crap! All the posts you’ve updated with lately are making me all giddy to see how everything will feel once the project is done and you can just experience it as a finished game. Thanks a lot for the updates and for your work! I still can’t wrap my mind around this.

  3. I think variation is good. And by the looks of it, it works!
    Those different bark types break up the monotony of seeing the same tree over and over again, quite well.
    I remember in the older shots of the beach level (may and october 2015), seeing some ferns. Where those just standard Cryengine props and or placeholders (can’t remember if there where ferns in Trespasser)?
    Are you going considering making a fern?

    Other than that i am curious if this kind of variation is possible with dinosaur skins as well. Not just the same copy and paste job for a species. But with slight nuances. But i can imagine this will further burden the load for PC’s running it.

  4. Vastly improved!

  5. Yes! Yes! Yeees!

  6. I follow your project for some years now and I want to say that it is great that you continue working on it. The pictures you’ve shown are really great!

  7. Question: Have you found anyone willing and/or capable of programming the dinosaur AI?

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