I decided I should start optimising these tree models, even though they are just place holders. It won’t be long till there are hundreds of them on screen at once, and even though they are low poly, the number of materials is what kills performance.

One little tree had 6 different leaf materials and a trunk, which in some cases was producing 32 draw calls for that one model. Crazy. The larger palms were up around 21, and the smaller broad leaf plants 6-9.
I’ve managed to get them all down to just one or two materials each by making texture sheets from all the leaves, then tweaking the UVs. It’s a time consuming and not very fun job, but rewarding to see the draw calls drop so much.

At the moment, performance ranges from a low of 35 fps at the most intense (looking at entire beach from above) scene, to 60-70 for typical on the ground exploration. This should rise to about a minimum of 45-55. Possibly more once I start creating LODs as well. Also, performance in the editor is not as high as in-game.

I still have some of the larger jungle trees to do yet, but once they’re done I’ll post some new pics of the finished textures and some new and updated models.

~ by newoldmate on 06/11/2015.

5 Responses to “Optimisation”

  1. Hey there! Why are these trees placeholders? Do you plan on remodeling them again? Keep up the great work!

    • Well they are just low poly and were based on the original models. Some of them are 100% new now, and now that I’m getting faster and more used to max, I can make them look a lot better than I originally intended. Eventually I’ll make them super high poly, with sculpted bark and roots etc, so for now they are kinda placeholders.

  2. It’s fun seeing how this journey’s unfolding! I honestly am so eager to play when it’s done. I’ve been following your progress for awhile and it’s amazing to see everything you’ve been able to do! In the meantime, I’ll play the original while the project is underway!

  3. I totally understand what you mean with “time consuming” and the “fps drop because of the materials” now … Damn Cryengine, so good and so tricky…

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