Trespasser Article

I’ve got 2 plants left to optimise, but I’ve ran out of time for today. So that will give me something to knock over after work tomorrow.

Unfortunately I don’t have any new shots, so instead I’ll show a couple pages from the August 1998 issue of Gamers Republic. They ran a 3 page article on Trespasser, and showed off some very cool images.

It would be nice to know every magazine that ever printed an article on Trespasser, to see if any unseen screenshots exist. You wouldn’t think it was possible for new screenshots to pop up now, but surprisingly they do!

These Gamers Republic scans are courtesy of Tatu over at TresCom. In the same thread he posted it, someone else posted a link to a video of Trespasser being played at the 1998 E3. I’ll post a link to it at the end of this post. The Trespasser footage starts at 1:17:05, but it’s only a minute or so.

Gamers Republic August 1998

Gamers Republic August 1998

Gamers Republic August 1998

~ by newoldmate on 08/11/2015.

7 Responses to “Trespasser Article”

  1. Hey Newoldguy! Did you see this?

    scified (DOT) com /jurassicworld/images-and-videos-of-unreleased-jurassic-world-game-surface-online

    Check it out. Maybe you can contact the animator at some point.. hint, hint, wink, wink… haha ( sabrinakp (DOT) com/animation/ )

    you need to fix the links because wordpress won’t let me post full links

    Oh and, those are some beautiful scans, I love those old screenshots haha

    • Yeah they are pretty nice models. A nice balance between realistic and cartoony i think. Good video game designs. I would predict they are still owned by the company who owns the rights to that game. Its a shame games get cancelled at that point, because lots of people are out of work and the community misses out on what might have been a great game. Seeing the models makes me itchy to start sculpting my own Dino models, but im not rushing into anything.

      • Yeah, they probably still own them, although I’m pretty sure he/she could create some new (and probably expensive) dinos haha. I would love to see a some of your dinos, if you ever make’em. Hey, that’s something I don’t know about your skills. Can you animate models? just asking!

      • I haven’t animated anything for years, but you can check out some of my recent character modeling in another project i have called Doom HD:

  2. Here is the original source. www [dot]

    • One of the artists pulled all the 3D models from ArtStation. Must have got some attention from the developer who didn’t want them displayed. It’s strange, because if the games cancelled, that artist can show his previous work. It might have been purchased by another publisher / developer and they’ll finish it, so they don’t want the models displayed. Who knows.

      • Seems the Screenshots are gone too. Yesterday i noticed the Vimeo being down too but the Youtube video still being online. Luckily i was quick enough to snatch it 😉

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