Volumetric Fog – Industrial Jungle

Industrial Jungle

Started adding volumtric fog areas for atmosphere. These will be used in dense jungle areas to create a humid hazy atmosphere that allows the sunlight to punch through and cast nice rays of golden light. it looks a lot more extreme than it really is, as im in a position where several rays overlap one another.

I’ve also enabled cloud shadows, which smoothly drift over the island casting shadows. Its a really bizarre feeling standing in a scene like this, then all of a sudden a shadow creeps over the entire area, dulling the light, then the light peaks again as it drifts away. Very cool.

~ by newoldmate on 11/11/2015.

4 Responses to “Volumetric Fog – Industrial Jungle”

  1. Nice, it looks like a fresh morning in the jungle haha

    Quick question, although maybe you already talked about this before, but are you going to extract the original sounds from the game and put them in cryengine with triggers and such? or are you not interested in using those sounds? (I’m talking about ambient sounds mostly, those tropical birds and that wind sound haaha)

    • Some info just gets buried in all the posts :). It has indeed been talked about. If i remember correctly the answer is yes. And if i am not mistaken, at the best possible quality if not better then the original with help of some audio hocus pocus ;).

      • Audio is something im not too sure about, cause there are aspects of Trespassers source code (sound stuff) that were licensed, and if there was ever going to be trouble from releasing new builds of the source, or any content from the game it will be sound. I can remake art, but not sound. It may be that i have to read audio (music as well) from the original Trespasser files / CD, so as long as you own the game and have the files in the right dir, or have the CD inserted, it will read the audio from that. Jurassic Time has managed to get away with releasing numerous versions of Trespasser music along with all of Hammonds Voice overs, so who knows. In any case, the quality will be as good as it can possibly be and ill do my best to ensure that the acoustics match the environment, so canyons and warehouses echo accordingly. I’ll also try creating some variations, so there are a good variety of repeating sounds, like footsteps.

  2. Awesome!

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