I’ve pumped out 5 or 6 new plants and got quite a bit of the island filled out.

Most of Trespassers plants and trees are based on real life species, so its been hard tracking down the correct species and then finding usable images for textures. Some of the original textures are good enough to use, but some just fall apart when loaded into Cryengine.

There are probably 5-10 plants left to import or make for the Tropical species, then ill move onto the North end of the island and start working on Pines and Redwoods. I also want to make some decorative foliage models, such as vines and tree roots.

This shot is of a somewhat secret waterfall that can be found of you deviate off the path. Its part of an all new area that’s tied into the JP3 Embyonics Admin buildings.


~ by newoldmate on 17/11/2015.

6 Responses to “Update.”

  1. Seriously awesome work your doing!

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  2. Looking great, can’t wait to get lost in your creation.

  3. Looking sharp, again the volumetric fog i presume.
    Correct me please if i am wrong, the JP3 Embyonics Admin buildings are located in the valley of JR right?
    I mean, the monorail goes round clockwise so the buildings are in that ‘cup’. Between the rail and the ridge of mountaints to the east (ie. the center of the island).

    • It was in JR, but I’ve moved it to what I think is a much more suitable location.

      If we consider the starting beach and jungle road as the south of the island, the harbour and ascent levels as north, plains as east and industrial jungle west, it’s been relocated to the west coast, in the big empty space that runs along the coastal side of Industrial Jungle.

      The empty space between I.J and the Town is where the Aviary canyon has been relocated. It starts parallel with the Town front gate and wraps around to the plains, where it ends in a scene like the boat sequence in JP3, where all the Dinos approach the boat.

      I’m not sure if there will be an area where the Spino crane attack sequence takes place, or the raptor beach where they are rescued, it depends on how it flows and if it actually works.

      The entrance to the Aviary canyon is still in the works, I want to be sure it’s addition doesn’t upset the rest of the game. The Town layout, and connection to the aviary and I.J is something I’m taking slowly, as I don’t want to mess with the original levels too much.

      I want it to be fresh and updated, but people are fans of Trespasser as it was, so I don’t want to mess with it too much.

      Once I get a bit more of those areas filled out, I’ll post some pics.

      • Thanks for the explanation on this one. I have saved the pictures of worldmachine and your preliminary work on the island. To this day i watch them from time to time, it’s great to orientate oneself on the island like that. Besides, they look very pretty.
        Especially in the beginning of your postings i had trouble pathfinding around the island. Mainly due to i hadn’t been playing Trespasser for a long time and the gray Cryengine shots where (for me) initially hard to understand. The maps realy helped me with that.
        Since you haven’t released a map or overview of the island for quite some time now and in regard to the information you just supplied, it is safe to say this gem can be declared outdated. http://imgur.com/yFte4aj
        Gosh, may 2013. To this day it is still an awesome ride man. I hope the enthusiasm from all the readers [of the project] fuels your drive to carry on.

      • I was looking at some of the world machine shots the other day and was excited to generate a new map with it. I’ll run the island through it one day to generate flow maps to overlay the islands terrain diffuse layer, to give it some additional detail. It won’t be worthwhile till very close to the end though, when the terrain is close to final.

        I’ll probably add something back into that area in JR, as I don’t really want any wasted space. I’d like to add more monorail stations, and one where the last section of track starts (where the mounted gun and hydraulic lifter is) would spruce that area up a bit. Then a road running back into that empty valley to some kind of feature, like another raptor pen from JP, or even a larger one like in JW, would give players an optional area to explore, to find weapons and other useful stuff. Would be a good place to use some of the voice overs, like Hammonds “we released the first raptor..”.

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