Trespasser Art

I’ve still got a bit of work to do before i can post any new screenshots, so in the mean time here is some very beautiful Trespasser fan art by Tatiana Yamshanova.

Be sure to pop over to her DeviantArt page and leave a comment!

Crashed InGen Helicopter & The Dam

Raptor Tribes

~ by newoldmate on 01/12/2015.

4 Responses to “Trespasser Art”

  1. Hey what a surprise!)
    Really glad to see this repost of my work here! Thanks a lot!)) and I’m very fond of your project, just keep going!

    • Share the love, one dinosaur at a time.
      Great art Miryanne. Are you planning on doing some more Trespasser pieces?

      • Thank you))
        I’d like to do more Trespasser dinosaurs, some landscapes and Anne herself, but I’ve no idea wheither I have free time.

  2. Are you planning to add all easter eggs from the original game?

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