The town is going to take a little bit longer to get to a state i’m happy to show. I’m really happy with the layout now, i just need to fill it out with more vegetation and objects before its ready to show. The hills around the Town are the main area that needs work, as the Town itself looks pretty good. As soon as you see hills with no vegetation, it ruins everything else.

So sorry for the lack of Town shots, but it will be worth the wait.

I’ve been importing Trespasser Rocks and going through areas ive already made and placing them in the correct locations. Its amazing the difference it makes seeing them in place of the standard Cryengine rocks. The starting beach in particular looks very different, with all the granite rocks in the water. Trespasser has a tonne (probably several) of different rocks. I don’t know if ill be importing them all, but ill definitely import the most iconic.

I’ve also been adding particle effects such as dandelion spores that float about, some other pollen type of particles that blow around, as well as flies and butterflies.

Walking though the thick jungle sections with shafts of light pouring through the canopy while bugs and particles fly around looks pretty awesome.

Here’s a shot of some jungle to tide you over till the next update:


~ by newoldmate on 07/12/2015.

10 Responses to “Jungle”

  1. Great Job! I really hope to see more of your great work, and i really hope u find the time to finish this game cause it would mean a lot to people to relive “trespasser” with the dedication it actually deserves! so Thank you!
    ps: any chance to know when u will finish? ive been reading the posts and it sounds like ur already pretty far!?

  2. My name is Juliano, I am Brazilian…..I’m 35 years old
    This game marked my childhood……were good times…..I miss those times !
    the jurassic park films also marked my childhood !!
    I still watch movies and not long ago I played trespasser to remember
    this game is worthy of a trespasser 2 with the current graphics technology but they do not want 😦
    its really cool idea of doing a remake with cryengine, I really hope you finish
    I follow your website for a long time, I’m awaiting to play 🙂

  3. Waiting to see this masterpiece…Steff from Italy…..

  4. looks amazing, keep up the great work.

  5. when will you be done and how much will it cost

  6. Can’t Wait to see the Town! Please keep up the work it will surely pay off!

  7. If not ready this Friday, I am happy to wait until it is done, and pay up to $80

  8. espero jugar este juego

  9. Trespasser Cryengine number one….impatiently waiting game…

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