InGen Utility Vehicle WIP

I needed a break from level editing, so I started work on a high poly model of the white utility vehicle.

InGen Vehicle WIP

I started it friday night and have been focusing on creating a somewhat realistic chassis and underbody. I still have a lot to make, but its getting there. Its not a driving sim so it wont be 100% realistic compared to a real car, it just needs to be sufficiently plausible. I’ll make an engine too, but keeping it faithful, it will be removable along with the doors and bonnet / hood and bumpers. The seat can come out too for a really stripped out version.

InGen Vehicle WIP

InGen Vehicle WIP

InGen Vehicle WIP

The glove box will open so you can check it for items, and the gap under the seat will be a nice place to find stashed goodies too. The sun visors will function as well. The walkthrough mentioned finding gate codes written on them, so that will be a nice detail to add.

The design is based on the original Trespasser model rather than the real life car it was loosely based on. There’s a lot of changes between the Trespasser model and the real life car, and i want it to stay true to the original.

~ by newoldmate on 13/12/2015.

11 Responses to “InGen Utility Vehicle WIP”

  1. Looks really great man! I’ve been following this for a while and I just have to say you’re doing awesome work and I’m getting excited!

  2. Great work combining the old and the new.
    Btw, fun little watermarks on the pictures as of lately. Aren’t you afraid to attract legal issues by naming it that way specifically?

  3. This is really progressing now! It all looks incredible and I cannot wait to be able to play it.

  4. i’ve been following your blog for more than a year now and i get more and more excited with every new post. If you need any help with a translation into german in the future, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help you with the project!

    greetings from germany!

  5. I’m really excited. And i wanna play it now XD. I want it

  6. Hello, just discovered this game after watching Robbaz play it. Was quite shocked that it was made in 1997-1998, honestly seemed like one of those joke physics games, really gave me a lot of laughs. The game itself looks quite fun, was quite sad to see it was poorly received and that nothing else was ever done with the game. Honestly quite glad to see what you’re doing, and really hope all goes well for you!

  7. Great work. I am always following your updates, and i love your attention to detail, cant wait to see the final version.
    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers from Denmark

  8. You’re doing great things here – More hopes and dreams ride with your work then you’ll ever realise!

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