Hello everyone! Remember me? 🙂

I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years, mine was a bit of a quiet one, but enjoyable all the same.

Sorry for the complete lack of updates, i have no excuses other than i’ve been busy doing other things. I’m still very much working on this, i just haven’t had as much time to devote to it as usual.

I went on a holiday at the end of January to Bali for a week, with the Wife and her family. Apart from the 95-100% humidity every day, it was pretty spectacular and gave me a lot of ideas for this project. The place is a paradise and the vegetation is absolutely spectacular. It was pretty amazing that in all the time i spent googling high res images of the trees and plants in Trespasser (so i could make new ones), several of the hardest species to find, were actually growing in the retreat we stayed at! I did not have an actual camera with me for this holiday, only my iPhone, but i did take a few photos i hope to use as textures for new models.

Here’s a panorama of the retreat where we stayed, its called Umalas:

Umalas Retreat

Here’s a link the the whole album if you want a look:

My last post way back in December was about the InGen white utility vehicle model i had been working on. I wasn’t working as efficiently or at a quality i was happy with, so I decided to put it on hold and go off to learn a little bit more about modeling, baking normals, and creating physically based materials. I haven’t got anything to show that’s related to this project, but i did create some pretty nice Doom related textures and models. I dont really want to post Doom stuff here, as i’d prefer to keep it strictly Trespasser related, but it would be nice to have all my projects and interests in one place. If you would like to see the Doom stuff i’ve made so far, you can see it here:

I’ve been using Quixel to produce PBR based materials. Its a really awesome tool and allows for some incredibly fast asset creation. I’ll be using it to texture a lot of my non-organic models, such as vehicles and smaller man made objects. The white InGen vehicle will be the first Trespasser model i texture with Quixel, as i think it will look amazing. No word on when that will be though.

In the small amount of time i’ve spent on Trespassing, i’ve been filling out the surrounding hills and cleaning up the Town layout a bit. I think the layout is a really nice mixture of the original town, the compound seen in the second film as well as aspects from the book, the Trespasser walk-through document and some all new elements. It should provide a nice balance of fresh exploration and nostalgia.

I dont have anything all that new to show, but i do have a couple of shots taken near the beach construction area that look a lot better now that the surrounding hills are covered in vegetation. Once i get some more work done, ill start to post some more regular updates.



~ by newoldmate on 25/03/2016.

9 Responses to “Howdy”

  1. appreciate the update

  2. Good to see you back thought we’d lost you for a while
    Re Cryengine V sandbox I just placed your island 16 bit grayscale RAW
    in a map 4096x4096x2 and generated texture with flood . thought you’d like to know…..regards Rog

  3. Happy Easter 🙂

    Nice to hear from you, happy to know you had a nice holiday.
    Thanks for the update.

  4. Hi Oldmate I found the island on the net while wading through articles about trespasser. it appeared as a tif file but i recognised it as a heightfield in 16 bit. in photoshop i rotated it to 55 deg and refitted it into an 8192×8192 box. saved out of pshop as a.RAW. using the crisis wars sandbox I populated it with trees and bushes + rocks. Now i’m doing it again with sandbox legacy 5 but 4096x4096x2 As an aside I look at your photographic excentricities and had I been There I would have taken a similar shot, great stuff

    Regards Roger

  5. The file date was 27/11/2011

    • Where was the file from? I’ve never actually released any heightmaps, and going by that date, its most likely from another project.

      I haven’t migrated to the new engine yet. Still looking just checking it out.

  6. Project alive?

  7. Ive been following your project for quite a while now and am still so stoked about it!

    i really hope you will finish the project, i used to love the game when i was a child.

    greetings from germany!

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