First Raptor

First Raptor

This is the location of the first raptor encounter.

Instead of that bizarre see-saw bridge, i’ve made a more realistic wooden bridge, and put it on an angle that meets up with the road properly.

The supply cabinet is still there, but instead of just sitting on the ground, it now has a concrete base.

Oh, and this probably wont be where you meet your first rapotor.

~ by newoldmate on 29/03/2016.

23 Responses to “First Raptor”

  1. Marvelous! I had a question btw if you dont mind…how did you get the island’s scale correctly?

    I tried inporting trespasser’s isla del cocos to cryengine2 myself. The only thing i did differently i suppose was cleanup and stitch the island plates in photoshop after importing the terrain into 3ds max. Then like yourself, for maximum useage of space, it would be best to rotate the island so that one end to the other runs from one diagonal to the other inside a 4096 x 4096 square (fit in so that a few inaccessible corners go beyond the 4096 and get cut off for max space as these areas are not accessible anyway). While there are no problems with the stitching itself, when walking through the island it oddly feels and looks smaller than say the levels in trespasser. So for example, the starting of the retail level – the docks, harbor and lab; that starting space feels cramped..
    How did you get around that? Or do the photos you take have a different FOV for effect?

    • Its been a long process which has been covered on this blog and also over at TresCom.

      Trespassers engine and Cryengine are so different, they both render the world in such different ways it can make it really hard to nail the scale. I generally use a FOV of 70 to make it look a bit more like the orignal game and try to limit the amount of distortion. How some people play with 100+ FOV’s is beyond me, the distortion just kills the immersion for me.

      I originally used a 4096×4096 heightmap with the island rotated and resting right on the edges of the heightmap. It felt pretty good in scale, but once it started to fill out, particularly the town, it became obvious there was quite a big difference in scale. The biggest limitation was my system simply couldn’t handle an 8192×8192 size terrain. It would sometimes allow the creation of the project file, but when trying to import the heightmap, it crashed every time.

      I got quite a lot of work done using a 4096 terrain, then switched over to the the simplistic looking “staged” development, then when i finally updated my machine, i started work on a 100% to scale version using an 8192 size heightmap. Then there was a few changes back and forth from Cryengine 2 and Cryengine 3 while they slowly ironed out the bugs and got it kind of working, until finally the new standalone version of Cryengine was good enough that it was clearly better than Cryengine 2. I’ve been using it ever since, but now there’s yet another version of Cryengine, called Cryengine V, but i haven’t looked at it much and to be honest, im getting really sick of engine changes. Really sick of them.

      The stitching of the different levels is something that took some time to perfect, because the original game was individual levels, the ocean height could change between the levels and not be noticeable. So when i got to the Harbor, the change in ocean height was really jarring and took some effort to low the terrain in those areas and blend the changes into the rest of the island.

      Its a really big job getting the island to a point where you can start filling it out with content. Its not till you’ve tried it yourself that you start to understand just how hard it is!

      • So you are now using a 8192 x 8192 map instead is that correct? And no more cryengine 2?

        Ill say this for the cryengine sdks that keep coming out as well as working with 8192 x 8192, be careful, not to be pessimistic, but maps that large are sort of new ground, untreaded terrain so to speak lol. You never know whats broken and crytek seem to not care to fix issues. I suppose it serves a way to get people to buy the commercial version of their tools.

        Oh believe me, i understand the pains of porting lol. However, my suspicion has been confirmed by you lol. I wasnt imagining it to be smaller when i did a runthrough the island that i stitched and imported to cryengine 2. The terrain size difference between trespasser’s levels and when stitched together is substantial i’d say. Makes me wonder how big trespasser’s island in trespasser itself really was. Isla del cocos itself has an area of 24 squared kms…

  2. Nice place… to die.. 😉

  3. I was wondering… are going to add the destroyed hunter camp to the island?

    • Maybe, but in a different location than the walk through describes. The walk through describes it as being between the start of Industrial Jungle and the Plantation House and also not far from an alternative entrance to the Town. I have a lot of ideas about where to put it, but nothing concrete just yet.

  4. Any plans on adding VR headset and tracked controller support? Seems like a natural fit, with the original’s interface.

  5. Cracking stuff dude. It’s looking incredible. If at all possible, could there be more done to capture the horror/desolation of the island? I don’t necessarily mean more than you’re doing, just more than the original game. one of my favourite things about the original game was how dark they made the core concept. With skeletons and scratches on the wall etc: It really made me feel alone and immersed in this pretty horrific island. Also, (i’m sure you’ve addressed this somewhere else sorry, I’m new to the blog) are you adding in the original John Hammond voiceover clips? Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see it!

  6. I have to ask, what is your passion for this project?

    Trespasser is easily one of the most…Interesting…Games in history, and I admire your work to recreate it.

    Will it have a ‘noodle arm’ like the original? Or a more normal FPS sort of feel?

  7. Hey! Huge fan of this game. I know a fair bit about 3D within Blender 2.6. I am willing to work on this for free any time, for sure!
    Contact me if needed, I am 100% willing to take some pressure off your hands – all optional.

  8. I hope you are still working on this project!! I am beyond excited to see Isla Sorna come to life. Do you have a gofundme page, do you need money to fund this production?? If so, I’d gladly contribute, I’d love to see this project come to fruition. I played the game growing up, and just recently re-read the novels, how accurate is the original trespasser game to the novel?? Are you doing a bit of both?

  9. Any updates? We haven’t heard from you for a while now..

  10. I hope you haven’t gotten burned out on this :(.

    • Not a chance.

      Just busy with a lot of other things. I’m catching up on some unfinished games and also started a few new ones.

      I’m always working on this in my head!

  11. Was wondering what happened to you. Hope to see your revised Ingentown soon.

  12. hope to see new progress you have made soon this project has my whole family excited my parents and i used to play this game when i was a kid together im 22 now and still playing it hahaha

  13. Hello newoldmate,
    I just discoverd your project while I had the idea of a modern Trespasser game. This game was so ahead of his time! Seeing the gameplay footage on Youtube and having tried the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive made me think this game would be perfect for VR.

    I just made a post about this game on reddit and mentioned your website:

    This is the type of game we all want in VR! Exploration, physics, Touch controlls, fight against Dinosaurs, discover empty towns and buildings with Raptors behind every corner, a T-Rex chasing you, just trying to survive! I could see myself get lost in such a game world.
    Choose between free movement and a teleport system that slows time but can only be used every 1 second and not in height (to prevent cheating) and everybody would be happy!

    The Cryengine is capable of VR, so maybe you give it a shot?
    Would love to hear what you think about this idea.
    Could you try VR yourself yet?

  14. Any updates to add? Still following intently!

  15. I check back here everyday to see if he updated.

  16. Looking forward to any progress, glad you haven’t abandoned the project though!

  17. Hey there. Any updates? Just curious 🙂 Best of luck.

  18. Heya! How’s progress?

  19. Here’s to hoping we see an update soon! I was always excited to see the updates hit my inbox!

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