HTC Vive

I noticed the picture from the previous post was no longer showing up so i had to fix the link. I thought i might as well make a quick post while I’m at it.

I got to spend about 15 minutes demoing an HTC Vive yesterday and came very close to buying one.

I have to wait just a couple of months before i can though, so we can pay off a bit of our Japan holiday debt and then i can pull the trigger. I’ve been given permission by the wife too, so i’ll live to post about it!

If you haven’t tried the Vive i suggest you check it out. Its so far ahead of the rest its not funny. I left the demo without a hint of motion sickness, yet my Oculus DK1 left me feeling so sick, it got to the point where i couldn’t even look at it without feeling queasy. This is why I ended up selling it.

I’ll go into more details about it another day, but one thing i will say, its made me rethink quite a lot of aspects of the project.

~ by newoldmate on 07/01/2017.

25 Responses to “HTC Vive”

  1. Please don’t rethink any aspects. Only a marginal percentage of players have any kind of VR headset and this fantastic project of yours already in the work forever and you missed a couple of milestones already since your first post on trescom.

    I can’t speak for others but I’d like to play Trespassing sooner than later, maybe right now if possible. πŸ™‚

    • The rethinking is in regards to performance and what needs to be done to hit 90fps per eye.

      Don’t be too worried about what I’m up to πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha that’s so damn funny, your first 5 words were exactly what I thought when I read the original post. “No, please don’t rethink anything dear newoldmate, we just want to see that island soon” haaha I have to admit I’d love to see the island through VR and stuff, but I know I’m not getting any kind of VR device any time soon.

  2. Wow, being able to explore the island in VR one day would be incredible!

    • I know right.

      Even just playing the original game in VR would be pretty incredible.

  3. Hehe nice. But my main concern is that you’ll never be finished. I to play it so bad!

  4. Hey man, just wanna say a big thank you for what you are doing here! I join the ranks of those who are waiting eagerly for what you are bringing to us!

  5. Hey dude just wanted to say thanks for keeping this project going, you are a star, cant wait to see the finished thing! keep up the good work bro!


  6. I’d rather spend the money on the project, i.e. on assets tbh. VR is still just a fancy toy

  7. You’re making dreams come true with this project.

  8. Nice dude I got myself one! its super cool!

  9. I miss you

  10. Wow man, I just found out about this. This game was my childhood, you are doing god’s work here

  11. I have a Vive and a Rift. (Vive is the best) And to play a version of this game in VR would be jaw dropping.

  12. Looking amazing. I think the vive is a red herring. for now. It’s like the nintendo powerglove. which i had. (have?) and it is amazing. but for a small audience. in time though.. I remember you said once you switched from ce to u4?

  13. Hey man! Just stopping by to ask if there maybe a chance of a Summer 2017 update? Been following for 3 or 4 years now, used to LOVE it when you were really hitting your stride and posting updates every day, reading the challenges you were facing and your ideas and experiments for overcoming them. I miss it lol

  14. Will one need a copy of Trespasser to play this?

  15. Any updates on the project other than your HTC Vive? Is there actually an release date or is this going to be a never ending story?

  16. Would love to see how this is going.

  17. Eagerly waiting for an update on this project. Been following since 2013 πŸ™‚ Hope all the best.

  18. Checking the project every week, it makes me sad that there is no status update since January… 😦

    • I know, but cheer up, there’ll be an update soon πŸ˜‰

      • :O I must be dreaming, a new update soon?? Surely there’s no way such good news would coming now when the last few weeks have been less than stellar. Glad to have something to look forward to for a change, we’re all eagerly waiting bro!

      • Happy times ahead. I was thinking a bit about doomsday scenario’s, to be honest. But very glad to hear you are alive and kicking.
        I mean with such a big project there are enough distractions for a one man developer, like real life stuff or other projects and interests.
        But hey, stuff happens. The one actual red flag moment I had was seeing you stop posting on the Trescom forums.
        Well, thanks for the heads up on an update. As always will be looking forward to it.

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