Hello everyone, thank you for the messages and emails.

No, this project is not dead, neither am I.

I’m just super, super busy and when I do have some free time I’m usually spending it on anything but on my PC. Also, I haven’t had a chance to touch my PC, because my office is full of boxes and other junk as we are in the final days of moving house.

You have to understand I work nights and look after my son during the day. I’m not about to prioritise the project over my real life, it can wait.

The last work I did on my PC was installing a new HD and upgrading to Windows 10, which was the worst upgrade I’ve ever done. Windows 10 has been such a pain in the arse it’s not funny. Not only was there a lot of software and drivers I’ve had issues with, I’ve also had issues with hardware not being compatible. It’s been a nightmare. I’m seriously considering downgrading once the move is done, so I can actually get some work done when I get a chance. I have done some work on the project since the last post, but nothing worth sharing right now.

At some point my son will have a day or two in childcare and when that happens I’ll have some real free time to devote to the project. It’s just not something I can or want to throw little 30 minutes sessions at.

My son is yelling at me and pulling at my shirt as I type this so I’ll wrap this up. Thanks again for continuing to follow the project and thanks to all new visitors!

Chat soon!

~ by newoldmate on 01/08/2018.

11 Responses to “Yo!”

  1. Great to hear you and your son are doing well.
    The minor work on the project is nothing compared with the sight of this sign of life, lol.

    Good you are doing well mate.

  2. Happy your still around be too be honest there was no doubt, kids and life in general always should come first. I won’t claim to speak for anyone but myself when I say take the man, be with your son focus on now, and when the time comes you’ll work on the project with vigor, vision, and passion and I don’t think it would be too controversial to say the people who have been watching this for years are more than okay with it taking time and being done right, than to see tresspasser repeat history.

  3. Hi!

    Glad to hear you still haven’t gave up on the project.
    Familiy comes first, and it’s no good forcing yourself to do something you don’t like, or lack the time to do…
    Any chance you may open source the work so that others can fork or contribute?


  4. Absolutely no rush. Take your time and we will be patiently waiting. Looks awesome so far! 🙂

  5. thank you for the update, much appreciated

  6. Hey, just an old fan back from Trescom forums and all. I’ve been following your project since the beginning. I just wanted to ask you do you think there’s any chance that you might release a version of what you have so far? or maybe your version of the original Trespasser demo? Just wondering. It feels sad and lonely here without your posts and I don’t mean only updates from your project, I mean any updates, interesting info, gadgets and such. Anyway, keep it up! I hope you don’t abandon this project forever.

  7. Happy new year! I hope we hear something from you soon!

    • Hi, thanks for the comment 😉 I’m hoping to replace my CPU and Motherboard over the next couple of months, because right now my PC is super unstable and crashes frequently when doing anything like editing or gaming. Some overheating CPU issues a while back make me think it’s on its way out, and these days it’s quite outdated, so that will be very nice get fixed. The only thing Trespasser related I’ve done recently is 3D print a model of the Trespasser island, which I’ll be sure to post some photos of in my next post. Thanks for sticking around!

  8. Bruh, I’m gonna need to see a post with pictures of the 3D printed Trespasser Island because that sounds legit AF. I’ve been following this site for what, I don’t know, at least 5-6 years now. Hook some of the og fans up, the ones who were watching from the beginning! I miss the days when once or twice a week or check my email and see that there was a new post from here haha.

    • Just drop a hi guys post whenever possible… still hoping this will see daylight! Best of luck!

  9. yes still following, any pics appreciated

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