News soon, don’t worry ;-)

I’m still very much alive and still working on this when I get time.

I’ve been working on a new post for ages now, but I don’t get enough time to get it completed and when I come back to it things change and it’s not relevant anymore.

I’ll drop one little huge hint of the news coming, and when I get a chance I’ll post something substantial and explain it all.

If you’re a DayZ player, have a search for a server called Trespassing..


~ by newoldmate on 03/03/2020.

16 Responses to “News soon, don’t worry ;-)”

  1. Exciting! Thanks for your continued work on this!

  2. My heart skipped when I saw the email notification of a new post. Brought me back to the old days for a second! Tempted to get DayZ just to find the server to see what’s going on lmao

    • Is the server password protected?

      • It is, but I’ll open it up for testing at some point. Not sure when, I’ll explain more in an upcoming post.

    • Yup Still Following!! No Idea Why but considering the only few updates we got from you is the same message you been giving out over the years that Your working on it but not really… that what we hear.

  3. I’m glad to see that you’re still around! I was getting worried, I went to recommend this blog to a friend a few months back and I noticed that you hadn’t posted in forever. Excited to hear what’s changed.

  4. Still following you! Looking forward to it 🙂

  5. Hey good news that you are still working on the game, i loved the old game when i was young. I would like to play yours oneday ☺

  6. Well news after two years is still news!

  7. I’m happy for all news I can get.

  8. Yeeessss! Brings me hope that I might one day be able to dinosaur it up again.

  9. Glad you’re still kicking 🙂 hope all is well, thanks for the update!

  10. hell yeah dude!

  11. Wow though this project was long gone! What a lovely surprise in these Corona times. 😄

  12. still periodically checkin here, cant wait to see what is happening soon. and also, why couldn’t you play SCUM? … cant stand dayz, much more entertaining in scum :))

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