About Trespassing

Trespassing is a Remake / Re-Telling of the 1998 game Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

The project uses the latest version of CryEngine and is currently being developed by just one person.

The Mod has been in development since 2011 on a part time basis, with initial concepts drawn up in 2007.

Trespassing will be developed in several stages, with each stage seeing an increase in detail and features. This is a large project, so some initial groundwork must be done to establish the correct positioning of objects, to ensure an accurate recreation of the original game.

You will occasionally see WIP photos of un-textured models, unfinished areas, substituted models, textures and default materials from Cryengine.

Dinosaurs and custom controls will be included as soon as they are available. The sooner a programmer can help implement these features, the sooner they will be included.

As this project is based on a commercial title, abandoned or not, I have no plans to start a Kickstarter campaign, or actively seek any kind of commercial publishing. The is a fan made project, for fans and will be released for free when its competed.

There are several resources available for information on this project;

Flickr – Here is where all project photos are stored. Sets and collections allow me to categorize and sort them for easy viewing and searching. Viewers can leave comments and follow this page, staying updated with new photos as soon as they are posted. There is also a map available that shows where each photo was taken. This is only possible because the games fictional island, Island Sorna, is actually based on the real life Isla Del Coco. This allows me to place where on the island the photos were taken.

Among the collection of project photos is also a great assortment of Trespasser related images, from early concept art, to magazine adverts and articles, as well as pre-release screenshots.


TresCom – The only Trespasser fan site still running. The members here are a great bunch, very relaxed and mature. There is a very long forum thread covering the early days of this project, which is a good read for anyone wondering how it all started. If you want to know anything about Trespasser, this is the only place to go.


69 Responses to “About Trespassing”

  1. Your work is amazing, and your dedication is breath-taking. I really hope you get to the end of this journey of a game development. I don’t think there are many ways I can contribute, but I will sure share this project with cool people I know. Plus, what’s better than free advertisement?

    Keep up the great job and do what noone else has been able to do in almost 15 years: a good JP game.

    • Thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

      • Is there any way to get in touch with you to get on board with helping the project? I am an audio engineer and this was my favorite game as a teen.

  2. Hey s13n1, it’s been a long time since I wanted to ask some questions but unfortunately I can’t register to Trescom due to a board error. Anyway, here they go:

    -What have you planned in terms of Dinosaur AI? Are different types of species meant to travel randomly between different smart-terrains? To which extent do you plan to give depth to the AI simulation.

    Sorry if I used some terms that are incorrect but I’m not a modder. All I know about AI is what I read in descriptions of how it works in STALKER.

    -Will you use some elements from the second JP novel? I have always thought that some things, like for example the layout of the town or the research centre, were pretty detailed in the book.

    That being said, I wish you good luck with your project!

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply, had a lot to do lately.

      The dino AI will be pretty straight forward as far as intelligence goes, i’m basing all my behavior on animals such as birds, lizards and crocodiles. Very narrow minded, aggressive and unflinching. They will have a priority tree that determines what they do, so when they’re not interacting with the player, they will appear somewhat realistic. They will have thirst and hunger as their priorities, then territory, curiosity and fatigue. When they get thirsty they will go to the nearest water supply and drink, when they are hungry they will go where there is food (other dinosaurs and small animals) when they are not hungry or thirsty, they will then choose what to do, with their “spare time”. If they are tired, they can sleep, if they are not tired, they can wander around their territory and if they encounter another dinosaur, they will defend it.

      I don’t want animals that are just standing there waiting for the player to trigger a response, i want them to have something to do so it looks like they are really alive and have personalities.

      They will also have moods that are determined by their hunger and thirst levels, fatigue and health. A dino that is hungry will be more aggressive, an injured or out numbered / smaller dino will be more likely to back off / escape, a bored and curious dino will be more alert and willing to investigate.

      The different species will also have different aggression levels from the get-go, with the carnivores always being more aggressive than the herbivores. Lighting will also factor in their behavior, with all species being more alert at night and the herbivores being more prone to attacking / charging if they are spooked.

      I will go through the map and make specific areas that define water holes and territories and also food sources. I can also define places for them to investigate or for smaller species like the compys, make it so they can jump up onto rocks and stuff, to make them look like they are really active.

      The non-dinosaur animals on the island will be pretty simple and behave the same as the animals did in Crysis (the beach birds, crabs, frogs, butterflies etc). There will be insects, lizards, pigs, rats, birds, frogs, fish. These animals and insects will be simply spawned in a specific location and act very simple, wandering around and avoiding the player. The different species of carnivores will have specific types they prefer, so raptors will go after pigs, lizards and birds, the compys will go after lizards birds and insects.

      There will not be any pack hunting abilities as this would be not only difficult but also hard to do believably. Unless i get the help of a very talented programmer of course. There may be some alpha and matriarch behavior, so if you kill the head female or male of particular species in one area, the others will be less dangerous, making them appear as if they aren’t working as a team any more.

      There will be quite a few elements from the books and the films used. The town has been redesigned with a new layout that is closer to the film, but still has the elements from the original game. I have also added the embryonic’s administration buildings and the aviary from the third film and i’ve updated and enhanced nearly everything else.

      All this stuff is a long way off yet, my priority is to make the island as detailed and believable as possible, then i’ll start on the character movement and controls, then the buildings and animals.

      I’m doing what i can by myself first, then ill put together a team. There’s not a lot for anyone else to do right now,so i’ll wait till im actually ready. There will no doubt be a lot of changes and new ideas ill come up with over the next few months, and its best i work this all out now rather than later.

  3. This project is the spark of something big that will arrive to many fans who time forgot or left behind when we all experienced Trespasser, I hope this project takes off at the speed of light, with today’s technology it’s possible to achieve what the first team envisioned for their original trespasser. Without a time limit or due date this can be done carefully and even hit big platforms. I hope you stay dedicated, there’s thousands of fans counting on someone, and now the person has finally arrived, many of us and I’d like to contribute anyway possible to it. Please continue this, We’re all on the edge for excitement.

  4. You’re achieving something truly amazing here. I’m one of the people who remembers waiting for trespasser to be released and then finally playing it, way back in 1998! It was one of the most atmospheric and memorable gaming experiences I’ve ever had! From then all the way to the present, I’ve waited for someone to re-make this game with all the attention and polish it deserves, and my hat goes off to you for your incredible talent and dedication to bring this dream to life!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Thanks! Glad you like it. Things will only get better as i learn more about CryEngine and start adding more elements and custom assets.

  5. @ newoldmate: Feel no pressure! 😉 Seriously though… I really hope you will be able to see this long awaited project through and assemble a great team that can help you out when you need it! 🙂

  6. Btw.. Is this something you can implement for the vehicles in the game? Looks pretty darn cool! 🙂

    Soft-body physics – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KppTmsNFneg

    • I do love those soft body physics, and what is extra nice is that the ute / truck is the same model as the white vehicles seen in Trespasser! Pretty good coincidence i think! Those physics are for CE3 only right now, i’m not sure if they plan on porting it to CE2, but if i do eventually port the project over to the Crysis3 SDK, then i’ll be able to use it. Its pretty extreme physics for a game that has very little vehicle activity, but i do want every aspect of the project to be as realistic as possible, so it would be put to good use. I think it would also highlight the importance of looking after the vehicles so you don’t destroy them, leaving you with no method of travelling over the island quickly or transporting objects.

      • Sounds good!

        Thanks for answering all the questions you are getting and keep up the good work! We believe in you 😉 Cheers mate!

  7. I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this. I remember standing in the isles of some store completely blown away by the ambitious technology shown on Trespasser box art. I saved up every penny I had to buy Trespasser when it came out, and I was so excited to run around the real Jurassic Park Site B. I installed the game… and it bricked my computer. Twice.

    About a year ago I dusted off the old box, popped the disk into my custom-built PC, and struggled to get the game running. I knew about the amazing Trespasser mod community, but I still felt that the game deserved a total overhaul. What you’re doing is exactly what this game needs, and I thank you for doing it. Thank you so much, and good luck!

  8. I have messed around with Far Cry 2’s map editor and have put multiplier maps of the Town, Docks, and Lab into play…. but it wasn’t everything. What you are undertaking is what the Trespasser community is about. We realized the potential of the out door environment, the physics coupled with the difficulty of infusing reality. Above all a Fascination and love of dinosaurs and what Trespasser was meant to be. I never possessed what it took to make it what it was meant to be. Your passion and gifts seem to be what this community has been looking for, individually, and hopefully together, We make Trespasser what it was meant to be. Thanks for your commitment and work to this project. You put it best, we are all ecstatic about what you are doing, and look forward to the immersion.


    Thank you

    • Thanks man!

      Its going to be a long journey, but i think it will be worth it in the end 🙂

  9. Your project is cool, I’m excited about the new areas. Any word on a release date?

    • Release date? Hmm.. I think sometime in 2014 at this rate, maybe late this year if things pick up.

  10. Hey, great job on doing such an amazing project, how far away do you think you are from completion?

  11. Dude….. I just cracked open my dusty case, with trespasser inside, started youtubing and followed links over here… IF I HAD ANY MONEY TO SEND YOU I WOULD. Trespasser was the second game I ever played, and blew my mind in comparison to what else was out there…. It has been the inspiration for so many games we see today, and hardly anyone knows of it’s existence….
    I figured a remake would be stripping the audio out and re applying that to a new everything… seems like that is what you are doing.
    Good job, keep it up!

  12. Hey man your work looks amazing.
    Cant wait for a release, this game was one of those awesome games in my childhood that you spend most of the time in fear and the rest laughing at the glitches 🙂 … best game EVER lol well done for taking this initiative 1000 thumbs up

  13. This is awesome! I loved Trespasser when I was a kid! Do you have any working versions I could maybe download and test? =)

  14. Hi, I’m new to this site and I’m a huge trespasser fan! I wanted to say thank you for doing this project by sending some cash your way to help further it along. Do you think when it’s finished you will Kickstarter the game to fund a possible public release or will it be a digital download from your site?

    • A kickstarter would require a huge amount of cash to buy the rights to the game and also purchase an engine license.

      At the moment its just a fan project that will be released for free online.

      It’s still early days yet, so things may change.

  15. Man, I don’t really know where should I start from… As many others here, Trespasser was maybe my first, maybe my second pc game ever! and although its flaws I enjoyed it as much as was possible, the atmosphere sounds, hearing John Hammond’s voice… it was awesome for its time! and I just can’t believe what you’re doing, it is truly amazing!! At some point I thought of doing something similar, for far too long I experimented with the Tress Editor with fun results, but NOTHING like what you’re doing now. A few months ago, when I got Far Cry 3 I thought “oh god this look so much like Isla Nublar and isla Sorna, I could just erase the mercenaries and the pirates, add a few dinosaurs and it would be awesome… but I’m afraid I lack the tools and skills (and the time) to do such a thing at the momment.

    I swear to you, my friend, what you are doing has touched me (in a good way lol) At the time I’m going through a hard time, and I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately, and I can honestly say that I’ve just found out your project and it has made my day (and probably my week too). I don’t wanna make you feel under pressure at all, but what you’re doing is huge! And I can’t start to tell you how thankful I am.

    I really hope you use the original score and voices and even the original ambient sounds (sorry if my English is not that good, I’m from Chile (South America)). I hope you can add some weather changes too (like misty, cloudy, sunny, rainy and maybe stormy).

    I really hope you can release some kind of Alpha version with at least the first level of the island or something like (maybe the Trespasser Demo – map… maybe not a bad idea… just to have a little taste of this world you’re recreating.

    Again thank you very much my friend, this is truly amazing and I can only bow before your creation!

    (I’m not sure if you’re looking for help with something, but I can offer you help with scripts. I’m a writer, I write short stories, poems, and I am writing two novels at the moment (WIP), so maybe if you need a script, a plot or something like. Be my guest!)

  16. I love Jurassic Park. So much that I’m making my own version of Isla Sorna in Unity 3D. I don’t know If I’m going to make a game of it yet. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to create something as visually impressive as this or Jurassic Life once I get a new computer and learn how to use maya and cryengine. Meanwhile I’m just going to play around with some ideas. Like them, please take your time. Hopefully this will be like Farcry 3 with dinosaurs but better since it will be on cryengine. There definatly needs to be some good dinosaur games. I loved Carnivores as well.

  17. What you are doing is a seriously great idea. I’m sure many trespasser fans (including me) have waited for something like this to happen for years. Stay focused and don’t give up.

  18. Yo! long time since the last update, how is the project coming along? we’re all anticipating great things from you and the team 🙂

  19. I was wondering, have you thought of doing a fly through of what you’ve done so far? Cause to tell you the truth, I would really love to see it. These pics look so much better than the original, I can’t get enough of them!

    • Have i ever thought about a fly through?

      Only when im awake.. In other words, yes, all the time!

      So why haven’t i? Well ive actually explained many times why i have not released any video’s. Its all to do with performance.

      My computer is somewhat low spec and it does not run at a very high frame rate. When i record a video, this drops even further and becomes a bit of a slide show.

      If i uploaded a video running like that, i would be flooded with comments from trolls and smart arses along the lines of “nice slideshow!” “the original game ran better than that!”.

      Now i know the fans would be more appreciative of it and would hopefully look past the low fps, but i have a very low tolerance for internet trolls and im not about to invite them for a buffet!

      When i do release a video of a fly through or walk through, i want it to be really high quality and cinematic. It will involve setting up cameras and paths for them to follow so the footage is nice and smooth and is not just me wandering around in the editor.

      It’ll happen, just not till i get a new system together.

  20. Oh yes, I understand perfectly as I’m having a similar situation with a game of mine on another computer. But anyways, let me know once you get every thing all set and ready, cause I’ll be watching!

  21. Assuming your not pulling a Peter Molyneaux, great work. This is awesome.

  22. Have you thought of using kickstarter.com for raising the funding?

    • No, what’s Kickstarter? Joking.. yes, i’ve heard of it and said many times that i’m not interested in it right now. Thanks for your suggestion though.

  23. So, you, one person, is doing all of this? I’m astounded. Really, really impressed. And even if you’re not alone, it’s still amazing. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

  24. Just saw the scans from the german Screenfun and Gamestar magazines – are you from germany ? and if “yes” can i help you with that project somehow? i really LOVE trespasser and played it like 100 times – it would be a honor to give that game the remake it deserves.

    • I’m from Australia. I came across the scans on TresCom and wanted to add them to my flickr collection.

      When I get Photoshop running, I’d like to edit the scans and replace all the text with an accurate English translation.

      If anyone wants the translation job, it would be great, as I don’t rust Google to do an accurate and optimized job.

      • I could help you with that. i try to translate the articles in the next days if you want 🙂 and after you finished the project, we could translate in-game text to german and turkish?

      • Hey that would be great, thanks for the offer.

        What i’ll do is; when i get a chance ill photoshop out all the text in those magazine scans, do a real nice job and try to preserve them 100%. Then on each text field, ill place a code like “A1”, which you can then translate and send to me as “Text for A1”, so i know where it goes on the scan. I’ll upload these to Flickr, and then when i have the translated version complete, ill just overwrite them with the finished version.

        No idea when ill get the chance to do this, i’ve only just got photoshop installed again.

      • just focus on that project now 🙂 translation can wait 😉 you can write me then


  25. […] Być może pamiętacie tę grę z 1998 r. o samotnej wyspie, dinozaurach i niesamowitej, jak na ówczesne czasy fizyce. Po cichu zaczęła powstawać nowa wersja. Wykorzystuje CryEngine 2 i powstaje jako mod do pierwszego Crysisa. I cóż, wygląda obiecująco ładnie. Więcej na trespassingpetrolia.com/about/ […]

  26. Dude…
    You cant imagine how much i love you and your project.
    Trespasser is the game of my childhood. And i fucking love Crysis also.
    And now youre just combining the two with each other. I was looking forward to a Jurassic Park Mod for Crysis in early 2012, but the project was stopped 😦
    youre giving me new hope!
    oh my gosh this is so AWESOME. PLEASE FINISH THE PROJECT.
    Did you think about trying to release it as an official game? It would be unbelievable.

    (my comment MIGHT sound a little strange…but i guess im not the only one freaking out about this)

  27. By the way, I’m from Germany also. so i could eventually help you with that translation stuff also. If you need any more help, just contact me.

  28. This brings back so many memories… Pay attention to the sound when you make this, that eerie silence from the original game was half the fun. Good luck ! I would love this as a standalone on steam.

  29. Also want to say how much I’m hoping this sees the light of day. Your work looks incredible, I’ve had tons of flashbacks and memories of one of my favorite games while looking through the screenshots and information, I was 13 when Trespasser came out and loved the game despite its awkward flaws and glitches.

    The potential for this is huge, your dedication is amazing, Thank you so much for doing this.

  30. […] Trespassing, via: […]

  31. […] Trespassing, via: […]

  32. […] Trespassing, via: […]

  33. Mate, your project is on the top of my game wishlist – geez, i played Trespasser when I was 12 and it is one of the best games ever played… I’m really, really surprised how much effort you’ve already put in this project and how amazing the results are. Shame I havent heard of it earlier but i keep my fingers crossed to see it finished one day – keep up the good work!

  34. […] Trespassing, via: […]

  35. Hi there,

    I just wanted to wish you luck with this project. Trespasser was one hell of an ambitious project for its time and I was chatting to one of my gaming buddies about how awesome a modern remake would be. Lo and behold, I stumbled across this site a couple of hours later.

    I don’t know if you’ve got a moddb.com or indiedb.com profile yet, but you might want to consider setting one up. It’s a really great way to gain more awareness and you will probably have more look filling any roles you have available.

    Anyways, all the best.

  36. I am /so/ happy you’re doing this! It was one of my favorite games growing up!

  37. Will this be available for Mac?

    • Excuse my ignorance, but im not sure about Cryengines compatability with Mac. If cryengine is compatible, then yes it should be fine.

  38. I would really like to buy this guy but i really want to pay for and download a mod for a game, is there any chance you could make a mod version and a non mod version. but if it has to be a mod so be it but im gonna need some directions on how to mod it cause i want this

  39. Wow! This is fantastic, amazing…I always wanted a remake o a secuel of trespasser, im a big fan of JP. I growth with it, and this game, was one of the best of my childhood. Thanks a lot man! Hope you can finish it. Greetings from Argentina! 😀

  40. If you put this on Kickstarter, I will donate for sure!!! I loved the original game, despite the flaws it had. I still have it lying around at home. Good luck with this project, and as mentioned, consider Kickstarter 😉

  41. Wow this really is a great idea! Maybe if you did some marketing trough kickstarter or set up a facebook page, the development can really get a push in the back!

  42. Hi Larry,

    I remember getting this game as a kid and loving exploring the island. I never got tired of playing it. Your vision would totally be a dream come true. I’ve been waiting for someone to try this forever. Is there any way I can donate to the project? I’d really like to contribute to this as it struck me in some way (as it seems to have others as well) and holds a special place in my heart.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Dan Spagiare

  43. I just wanted to say that I love what you’re doing. I remember playing this as a kid and I LOVED it! Even WITH THE crazy floppy arm! It was the first game of its kind and the world needs to see Jurassic Park:Tresspasser the way it was meant to be seen, in all its glory, and I feel you and your team are the only ones who can get this done.

    Don’t be discouraged and keep up the magnificent work. There are those of us who want to see this game come out and hit the mainstream market, even if we can’t provide monetary support. I know this gem would fit right in with my Xbox One collection and I hope it can port over when you have a product ready for trials.

  44. 21 year old guy from Sweden here, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you doing this remake for my favorite game from my childhood.

  45. Hello, you’re doing something really big. Please keep it going! I’d love to see a final version, the screenshots are looking so good. Please keep developing!

  46. Larry,

    What is current status of this project? We all hope that it hasn’t been suspended/scrapped.

    Best Regards

  47. The project looks awesome , keep the good work.
    Im a freelance developer glad to help for free 😀

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