Getting to Know the New Mobile Legends Hero Ixia

Getting to Know the New Mobile Legends Hero Ixia

Hello, what’s new with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)? There’s a new Marksman hero coming that will change the fight! Ixia is her name, and she is the Sand Hunter. She wants to be an engineer. On July 8, 2023, this 16-year-old Leo star girl will make her MLBB start. She is a pro with the Arc Gun Fire. Let’s learn more about Ixia, the new Mobile Legends hero.

Ixia, the New Mobile Legends Hero

Ixia is the new Mobile Legends hero. She was born and raised in a small town in the middle of Eruditio and wants to be an inventor. Early on, Ixia showed that she was very smart and skilled in science and technology. It changed a lot for Ixia when she met a girl named Layla.

Ixia went to the city of Eruditio as an adult to follow her dreams of studying science and finding new things. But because of this choice, she had to say goodbye to Layla, who was her best friend. Ixia was still eager to succeed even though she was separated from her best friend.

In Eruditio, Ixia got caught up in fights between strong groups. This fight made her smarter and tested her ability to stay alive in a chaotic world. In the end, Ixia found out how to get stronger so she could protect her family and herself.

The Secret Mission of Ixia and Layla

She met Layla when she was 7 years old and stole her science book. The new Mobile Legends hero became very interested in klik88slot and science after seeing this. After many years, fate brought them back together, and Ixia finally admitted that she had stolen the book.

They looked for Master Rooney clues together. However, Layla thought Ixia was a bad “sand hunter” at first and thought she was a thief. Still, Ixia was able to win Layla’s trust and say she was sorry for the confusion.

Layla and Ixia had very different ways of questioning crooks while they were on the hunt. Ixia’s methods were very rough, while Layla’s were usually gentle and gave the idea of caring.

Ixia started to see that the Eruditio clan wasn’t as bad as she had thought as they went on their long search for Master Rooney. They became close friends in the end.

As part of a secret plan, Layla was used as bait at one point, and Ixia protected her in secret. Their relationship got stronger because of this event.

At some point, Ixia started to doubt the names of the Eruditio scholars they were meeting. Layla told Ixia again not to speak out without strong proof. This made their connection tense and led to them having different ideas.

Don’t worry, though. When Ixia was taken away, the book she stole at the beginning of the story fell out of her pocket and had words of encouragement written by Layla in it. Layla finally came to save Ixia, and the two of them got back together.

Ixia’s Array of Skills

Bro, the new Mobile Legends hero, Ixia, has skills that allow her to slay enemies from a distance.

For example, when Ixia uses her Ultimate Skill “Full Barrage,” she can attack enemies in front of her by quickly igniting all her created weapons.

Then there’s Skill 1 “Dual Beam,” which deals damage and makes enemies in front of Ixia lose HP. The closer, the more painful the attack. In short, Ixia’s abilities are:

  • Skill 1 “Dual Beam”: Ixia deals damage and slows enemies in a rectangular area in front of her. Plus, Ixia will move faster.
  • Skill 2 “Star Helix”: Ixia shoots energy in a rectangular area in front of her, making enemies stick together in a straight line. Quite confusing for enemies.
  • Skill Ultimate “Full Barrage”: Ixia enters “Barrage” mode and releases six weapons for a few seconds in a fan-shaped shooting area. In this mode, Ixia’s Skill 1 and Skill 2 have a longer range.

Besides, Ixia can attack a maximum of six enemies with her regular attacks when in Barrage mode.

  • Passive Skill “Siphon Starlium”: When Ixia continuously attacks enemies, she can increase her own HP. Cool, right? Also, when Ixia isn’t burning enemies, she’ll move faster.

Those are the cool abilities that Ixia, the new Marksman hero in Mobile Legends, possesses. Get ready to witness her brutal actions on the battlefield!