InGen Utility Vehicle WIP

•13/12/2015 • 11 Comments

I needed a break from level editing, so I started work on a high poly model of the white utility vehicle.

InGen Vehicle WIP

I started it friday night and have been focusing on creating a somewhat realistic chassis and underbody. I still have a lot to make, but its getting there. Its not a driving sim so it wont be 100% realistic compared to a real car, it just needs to be sufficiently plausible. I’ll make an engine too, but keeping it faithful, it will be removable along with the doors and bonnet / hood and bumpers. The seat can come out too for a really stripped out version.

InGen Vehicle WIP

InGen Vehicle WIP

InGen Vehicle WIP

The glove box will open so you can check it for items, and the gap under the seat will be a nice place to find stashed goodies too. The sun visors will function as well. The walkthrough mentioned finding gate codes written on them, so that will be a nice detail to add.

The design is based on the original Trespasser model rather than the real life car it was loosely based on. There’s a lot of changes between the Trespasser model and the real life car, and i want it to stay true to the original.

Just off the Jungle Road..

•10/12/2015 • 2 Comments

Just off the Jungle Road

A quick one..

•09/12/2015 • 3 Comments

The weathers been pretty hot lately, so instead of going outside and mulching the garden like i should, i’ve been inside attending to Site B’s virtual garden.

I spent most of today getting my head around the built-in LOD generator in Cryengine. There was some hair pulling and a lot of head scratching, but i figured out what the issues were and managed to wipe off about 10-15fps in the most intense scenes. I’ve still got about 6-7 vegetation species to generate LOD’s for, and i haven’t yet touched any other objects, so there should be further improvements yet.

I’ve also got to learn how to create “Automerged” vegetation, so instead of the engine rendering thousands of individual instances of grass, it uses voxels to merge them all into one instance, rendering them all just once. Very cool.

This will be awesome for covering the Plains with grass, and hopefully the balance of density, quality and draw distance can be tuned just right so it appears to never end.

Early tests are looking good so far!

The start of the Jungle Road

•08/12/2015 • 4 Comments

The second wall after the starting beach will be much larger and have a locked wooden gate. This will be one of the games first objectives to solve, find a way to open the gate or bypass it somehow.

In the retail game the second level was called the Jungle Road, but according to the walkthrough document, this is actually where the Jungle Road officially starts. It takes you to the first monorail terminus and continues off and on with the monorail tracks through to the third level, Industrial Jungle.

The start of the Jungle Road


•07/12/2015 • 10 Comments

The town is going to take a little bit longer to get to a state i’m happy to show. I’m really happy with the layout now, i just need to fill it out with more vegetation and objects before its ready to show. The hills around the Town are the main area that needs work, as the Town itself looks pretty good. As soon as you see hills with no vegetation, it ruins everything else.

So sorry for the lack of Town shots, but it will be worth the wait.

I’ve been importing Trespasser Rocks and going through areas ive already made and placing them in the correct locations. Its amazing the difference it makes seeing them in place of the standard Cryengine rocks. The starting beach in particular looks very different, with all the granite rocks in the water. Trespasser has a tonne (probably several) of different rocks. I don’t know if ill be importing them all, but ill definitely import the most iconic.

I’ve also been adding particle effects such as dandelion spores that float about, some other pollen type of particles that blow around, as well as flies and butterflies.

Walking though the thick jungle sections with shafts of light pouring through the canopy while bugs and particles fly around looks pretty awesome.

Here’s a shot of some jungle to tide you over till the next update:


Trespasser Art

•01/12/2015 • 4 Comments

I’ve still got a bit of work to do before i can post any new screenshots, so in the mean time here is some very beautiful Trespasser fan art by Tatiana Yamshanova.

Be sure to pop over to her DeviantArt page and leave a comment!

Crashed InGen Helicopter & The Dam

Raptor Tribes

Update coming soon.

•28/11/2015 • 5 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been working through some tough, time consuming stuff.

I’ve blocked out the Embryonics Admin buildings, and reconstructed the sequence of events from the Air Strip, all the way to the Aviary. It’s about as accurate as it can be, while remaining faithful to the original game. I’ve taken some of the props and locations from the original game and matched them to props and locations in the film, such as Erics water  truck taking the place of the hunters truck in I.J where you get the H.K. I’m sure we all wondered how the hell it got there anyway, right?

The E.A buildings have a lot of unknown structures. It looks like a large factory, with big extraction chimney’s, warehouses and water tanks. It makes me wonder if the designers took inspiration from the Lost World book, which describes the place they find as almost being a large factory setup, with a workers village and geothermal plant all in the same area. I think I’ll probably incorporate a geothermal plant somewhere, as there are way too many buildings that need to be given a purpose. We know one building had the egg incubators and the building behind had holding pens, but trying to fill the rest with explorable detail would be incredibly hard. 

The town has been redesigned with a seperate and more secure compound for the Ops building, which also contains the other buildings seen in the film. The field of long grass, the slide / tumble down the hill and walk through the dinosaur skeleton that transitions into the mini geo-thermal plant is all there. The missing elements from the walkthrough document have been reconstructed, such as the school and baseball field. I’ve also made a water treatment plant, which will have pipes feeding it from the dam, some new shops, and of course a fresh new layout. 

To quote one of Hammonds lines,  “building the town was hard”. Damn hard. I tried about 5-6 different layouts, but they were all a bit messy and didn’t feel right. I’m still not 100% happy with it, so I’ll wait a while before showing any pics. I probably won’t show any overly revealing shots anyway, as I don’t want to give away the design for the new layout, I want it to feel new when you actually play it.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, so I probably won’t have anything to show till next week.