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I decided to import the raptor today, but the standard pose is so.. weird, it forced me to learn how to rig a model in 3DS Max. After a couple of tutorials and about an hour later, i had it functioning enough to create a better looking pose.

I used a water ripple generator to simulate the raptor drinking.




Volumetric Fog – Industrial Jungle

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Industrial Jungle

Started adding volumtric fog areas for atmosphere. These will be used in dense jungle areas to create a humid hazy atmosphere that allows the sunlight to punch through and cast nice rays of golden light. it looks a lot more extreme than it really is, as im in a position where several rays overlap one another.

I’ve also enabled cloud shadows, which smoothly drift over the island casting shadows. Its a really bizarre feeling standing in a scene like this, then all of a sudden a shadow creeps over the entire area, dulling the light, then the light peaks again as it drifts away. Very cool.

Tres Comic Rework

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I just came across this reworked Trespasser Comic by Uros Begovic, who is of course the author of the original.

Be sure to pop over to his blog and leave a comment!

Trespasser Comic Rework

Trespasser Comic


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All tree and plant materials have been optimized, polygon counts have been upped for a few models, some new textures have been made and some others updated. The white barked “Royal Palm” has had some red fruits added to it, the large “Cuban Palms” and medium sized “Hawaiian Palms” have a new trunk textures, the smaller palms with the striped trunk still needs new leaves, but the trunk has been finished.

I’ve also made a few new species, a Cattleya Orchid, a Willow Tree, and possibly one more i’m forgetting.



Trespasser Article

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I’ve got 2 plants left to optimise, but I’ve ran out of time for today. So that will give me something to knock over after work tomorrow.

Unfortunately I don’t have any new shots, so instead I’ll show a couple pages from the August 1998 issue of Gamers Republic. They ran a 3 page article on Trespasser, and showed off some very cool images.

It would be nice to know every magazine that ever printed an article on Trespasser, to see if any unseen screenshots exist. You wouldn’t think it was possible for new screenshots to pop up now, but surprisingly they do!

These Gamers Republic scans are courtesy of Tatu over at TresCom. In the same thread he posted it, someone else posted a link to a video of Trespasser being played at the 1998 E3. I’ll post a link to it at the end of this post. The Trespasser footage starts at 1:17:05, but it’s only a minute or so.

Gamers Republic August 1998

Gamers Republic August 1998

Gamers Republic August 1998


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I decided I should start optimising these tree models, even though they are just place holders. It won’t be long till there are hundreds of them on screen at once, and even though they are low poly, the number of materials is what kills performance.

One little tree had 6 different leaf materials and a trunk, which in some cases was producing 32 draw calls for that one model. Crazy. The larger palms were up around 21, and the smaller broad leaf plants 6-9.
I’ve managed to get them all down to just one or two materials each by making texture sheets from all the leaves, then tweaking the UVs. It’s a time consuming and not very fun job, but rewarding to see the draw calls drop so much.

At the moment, performance ranges from a low of 35 fps at the most intense (looking at entire beach from above) scene, to 60-70 for typical on the ground exploration. This should rise to about a minimum of 45-55. Possibly more once I start creating LODs as well. Also, performance in the editor is not as high as in-game.

I still have some of the larger jungle trees to do yet, but once they’re done I’ll post some new pics of the finished textures and some new and updated models.


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More new vegetation textures.

More New Textures

I want an exotic look for the vegetation, so its not all the same green and brown for bark and leaves. I think colour is sorely lacking in games today, with far too much colour grading used for a “cinematic” look. I haven’t played with the lighting much, just tweaked the HDR settings.

The birds are real too.