•06/11/2015 • 5 Comments

I decided I should start optimising these tree models, even though they are just place holders. It won’t be long till there are hundreds of them on screen at once, and even though they are low poly, the number of materials is what kills performance.

One little tree had 6 different leaf materials and a trunk, which in some cases was producing 32 draw calls for that one model. Crazy. The larger palms were up around 21, and the smaller broad leaf plants 6-9.
I’ve managed to get them all down to just one or two materials each by making texture sheets from all the leaves, then tweaking the UVs. It’s a time consuming and not very fun job, but rewarding to see the draw calls drop so much.

At the moment, performance ranges from a low of 35 fps at the most intense (looking at entire beach from above) scene, to 60-70 for typical on the ground exploration. This should rise to about a minimum of 45-55. Possibly more once I start creating LODs as well. Also, performance in the editor is not as high as in-game.

I still have some of the larger jungle trees to do yet, but once they’re done I’ll post some new pics of the finished textures and some new and updated models.


•04/11/2015 • 7 Comments

More new vegetation textures.

More New Textures

I want an exotic look for the vegetation, so its not all the same green and brown for bark and leaves. I think colour is sorely lacking in games today, with far too much colour grading used for a “cinematic” look. I haven’t played with the lighting much, just tweaked the HDR settings.

The birds are real too.

Updated Textures

•03/11/2015 • 7 Comments

Here’s a shot of the updated textures and a new plant too 😉

Updated Textures

Bird of Paradise / “Jungle Orchid”

•02/11/2015 • 1 Comment

New Plant!

This is a Bird of Paradise or “Jungle Orchid”, as its called in Trespasser.

Bird of Paradise / 'Jungle Orchid"

Like the Ground Creeper in the previous post, this one’s 100% made from scratch. I wanted to make something a bit more realistic, because the flowers are a bit hard to make look good unless you make them 3D, and not just a 2D texture. Now that I’ve got back into 3DS Max and its integrated perfectly into Cryengine, i can pump out models quickly, without jumping through hoops exporting and setting up materials.

I also went back and tweaked the textures for some other models, which can be seen here.

I realised i was using the wrong format for my textures which resulted in serious quality issues, so both the diffuse and normal maps were screwed up. Before i get too far ahead of myself, ill go back and fix all the models i’ve made so far, and hopefully see improvements everywhere.

New Plant – The Ground Creeper

•01/11/2015 • 2 Comments

I hit a home run today, and whipped up a rather fantastic new vegetation model.

I was using one of the standard plants that come with Cryengine for a creeping type of ivy / vine, which would be used on rock walls and around the base of trees etc, but it was a bit costly at 180 polygons per instance. So pretty quickly the poly count would sky rocket, but with very little visual gain.

I made it my mission to make a much lower poly model that hugs the terrain nicely and looks a lot more realistic. The poly count came in at 60 and it uses just one 1024 texture, which keeps the draw calls low. It also animates nicely, which is a difficult thing to achieve with very low poly veg models.

I headed over to the start of Industrial Jungle and quickly pumped out an example scene:

Industrial Jungle

Veg Update

•31/10/2015 • 2 Comments

Here’s the current range of Trespasser vegetation i’ve imported:

Veg Update

And the same trees in Trespasser:

Plant Comparison 2


•29/10/2015 • 6 Comments

Now that i’ve got a bunch of new vegetation species, I thought i’d do another comparison between old and new.

New Beach

Original Beach

Looking Good!

•28/10/2015 • 5 Comments

Things are looking really good. I’ve got 4 more trees imported, 3 versions of a palm and a small version of the bright yellow jungle trees. 

I want to import a few more of the larger common trees before showing a screenshot. The beach looks great already, but once it’s surrounded with only Trespasser trees, it will look amazing.
At the rate I’m going, I should have some new shots by tomorrow night.

Fingers crossed!

More Plants ;-)

•27/10/2015 • 2 Comments

Four more plants!

4 More Plants

Two new smaller variety of Palms, and a new smaller broad leaf ground palm, with a red version for variety.

Although I’m getting faster at making them, i’m starting to take a bit longer each time to make them look better.

Here’s how the above plants in Trespasser:

Trespasser Plant Comparison

Broad Leaf Palm

•26/10/2015 • 5 Comments

Another new vegetation species, this time its a broad leaf ground Palm.

Broad Leaf Palm

I’ve added some additional leaves / fronds and a slight colour variation to the older leaves. I considered adding a central spiral of new sprouts, but decided to keep it simpler so it looks more like the original.

Like the Cuban Palms, these use the original textures and just a simple detail map for a slightly bumpy surface to catch some highlights.

Hope you dont mind lots updates, a lot of you have said you do, i’ll try to post each new species i import and eventually a screen shot of a scene of them all together.

It will be awesome to see a level like Industrial Jungle filled with Trespasser Trees, all with shadows and blowing in the wind.