More Beach

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More textures, decals, objects, trees and some colour variation in the cliffs.

Getting there.



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Just working on the new design for the beach.

I’m trying to capture the landscape of Kauai and the beaches of Isla del Coco.

Start Beach

Kauai is of course where Jurassic Park was filmed and features those iconic cliffs and mountains, and Isla del Coco is the real life island that Trespassers version of Isla Sorna is based on. It has some nice volcanic looking beaches, with lots of rocks and minimal vegetation. Its a nice contrast to the bright lush landscapes of Kauai and i think works well for Trespasser.

The off shore rocks are from Trespasser and are just temporary for now, ill replace them with either a new model or some voxel terrain. I’m not sure i’ll keep the rocks at all yet, as the blue coral reef looks really nice. Time will tell.

A full size Rex is on the beach for scale and the tail of the plane is down there too, scaled up to a more realistic size.

I’m aiming for a detail level between Stage 1 and the high detail island from the flythrough video. Rather than keeping the levels exactly as they were, I’ll fix a lot of the issues as i go, cleaning up roads, smoothing out blocky terrain and spreading out patchy vegetation.

I still have lots of vegetation and objects to add yet, right now im just trying to establish a theme i can run with and then move onto the more open plain areas. Once i have a look nailed down for the beaches, jungles and open plains for the islands south, i’ll move north and start working on the pine and redwood forests. Then i’ll come back through and finish everything off.

Have a good weekend ;-)

Super Quick

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I’ll have a really awesome post soon from someone who submitted a proposal to work on the A.I for Trespasser.

He left a comment on the blog a while back, but i held back publishing in in the hope he could elaborate a bit more so i could post it for everyone to read.

Stay tuned!

Here’s some more instant jungle and a bit more water.

More Jungle More Water

Nice Water’s back

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For some unknown reason, when i stopped working on the really high detailed version of the island seen in the fly through video, a lot of the materials got corrupted or lost. I hadn’t changed directories or anything, i just opened the old map one day and lots of stuff was broken. Bizarre.

One of the materials i lost was some nice water with real time reflections.

Nice Water's Back

I spent some time today remaking the material and think its looking pretty good. The screenshot quality here suffered as i had to screen grab a low res version of the scene from the editor and paste the water over top of a nice high res capture. The high res e_screenshot command wont capture post processing effects, so the water was just a glowing light blue colour.

I’ve also blocked out most of the islands south. Once most of the objects are in place ill go through and paint vegetation. I’m holding off doing that because the sheer number of instances is causing really long save times and is stressing me out a bit. The last thing i want it to lose work.

This is awesome.

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Some Pics

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A programmer by the name of Claudio has offered to help, and is currently looking at both CE2 and CE3 (3.5.8) to see what can be done with both engines.

I’m not holding my breath that anything can be done with CE3, because its issues are at the core of the engine and are still present in the very latest EAAS version, 3.7.

I never really went into any detail about why i stopped using CE3 (3.5.8), but basically the Terrain shadows are broken and the engine no longer supports vegetation sprites. I’ve posted a couple of photos on Flickr that clearly demonstrate why its a problem for this project.

CE2 is still going strong though. It takes what i throw at it and just keeps on smiling.

Right now I’m working on some more realistic looking lighting, kind of like i did early in development but not as extreme. I didn’t know as much as i do now about the TOD editor, so although it looked good in certain situations, it kind of fell apart in other areas. Even though i know a lot about the TOD editor and should be able to make something really good from scratch, anyone who’s used the TOD editor in CryEngine knows just how time consuming it is. You can literally spend days chasing the perfect lighting, and still not be satisfied with how it looks at all times of the day.

I don’t want to be spending days on this though, so this new lighting uses a slightly modified version of the TOD settings used in the first level of Crysis, in conjunction with a colour correction Flow Graph that allows me to tweak the colours a touch more. Its a bit like post processing a photo, with adjustments for Cyan/Red, Magenta/Green and Yellow/Blue, as well as Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Luminance and overall Hue. Crysis is already a beautiful looking game, it just needs a few tweaks to make the colours more realistic, and this makes it very quick and easy.
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Long time no.. nothing!

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Well its been far too long since i posted here, where do i start?

I’ll keep this post as short as possible, as theres not a huge amount of news to report on, so i won’t waste too much of your time.

Firstly, i apologies for the lack of updates, i simply haven’t had enough time to work on this in any serious capacity.

I was working two jobs, which kept me occupied between the hours of 12am and 3pm. As you can imagine, this kept me very busy and didn’t allow much free time for this project, or my Doom stuff.

In my free time i like to get out and take photos too, so whenever i actually had some free time, i was usually out doing that.

Over the last month or so, i’ve managed to allocate the odd 30 minute or hour session to work on it, which has been really great fun, but its not very satisfying to work in such short sessions, i like to be able to devote a few hours at a time and really make some progress.

On April 11 i got married. Sorry ladies. We had a pretty small ceremony with just immediate family and friends. It was a great day and all who came said it was one of the best weddings they’d been to. I’m not a wedding fan myself, so i wanted to make it more of a gathering of friends, a glorified party really, rather than a typical wedding, which can often be overly formal and a bit awkward, with set meals and a roster of events. Its also bad when you don’t know 90% of the guests.

We had a small honeymoon, something we planned late as we had already been saving for a big overseas holiday for some time, which was going to double as our honeymoon. But because we had chipped away at our savings over the last year, we decided to get away for a few nights, as the holiday has been pushed back a bit.

While away, we visited some places i had been to years earlier that remind me a lot of what the North end of the Trespasser island will look like. Tall redwoods and pines, littered with ferns and fallen trees and branches. It was easy to imagine a pack of raptors or compys hunting, jumping around on and over fallen trees, or a big rex stomping his way through the trees. Its moments like these that get me excited to start working on this again.

So what’s the future of this project?

What I’m working on from now on is essentially what i had been showing before i made the switch to CryEngine 3. A simplistic looking version of Trespasser inside of Cryengine 2, using what vegetation assets i can from Crysis and importing as many objects as needed from Trespasser. The difference being, that this version uses a huge map thats 100% correct in size and will not compromise at all on scale. I know I’ve gone over these details so many times before but i’ll quickly brush over them for those who are new or who have forgotten.

The island i was working with was using a 4096×4096 metre map, with the island scaled down and rotated to fit within those dimensions. This new version uses an 8192×8192 meter map, which allows me to keep the islands scale 100% accurate and not rotated, which allows me to align buildings and other structures much more easily.

For the most part, it resembles the old work i was doing almost exactly, but because the island is so much larger, i will be adding some additional areas to the empty parts of the island and adding some additional features to existing areas. This will come later though, as i just want to get the all the original stuff right first. Work is progressing nicely, as its basically just copying what i had already done, so i know what to do and where to place things.

I know i pissed a few people off with my stoping and starting with different engines and ideas, but thats done with now. I’m over constantly looking for the perfect engine, and right now I’m only interested in getting it finished, then over time the community can add what it can to the project to enhance it. Over the years I’ve had no luck getting any help from people with experience with CryEngine 2, but I’m sure there’s a lot that can be done with it. If anything, it will surely be a very enjoyable environment to explore anyway, being so large and full of details.

So that’s all for this post. Sorry its not very interesting, but its a start and things will get better. I won’t be posting too often though, only when theres something really significant to share.

A big thanks to everyone who’s emailed and left comments. I’ll do my best to answer them when i can. Those of you who left negative comments, don’t hold your breath. If i don’t have time to work on my project, what makes you think I’ve got time to reply to your negative comments?

For anyone interested in seeing photos from our honeymoon, or my photography in general, you can check out my personal Flickr page here:

All the honeymoon photos and videos were taken and processed with an iPhone 6. Its a really fantastic phone with a very good camera and incredibly smart software.

That’s it for now!



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