Fallout 4

•04/06/2015 • 4 Comments

What can I say, I think it looks amazing.

I watched it on an iPad Air 2 and the visuals looked amazing. On the smaller high res screen it looked lovely and crisp, with plenty of small details everywhere. I don’t know how much of that opening room is dressed up for the video, but all the debris in the floor are 3D and the dog has some nice looking fur.

It showed a great range of scenery too, with some shots looking a bit like a post apocalyptic Blade Runner. The game looks to have a serious boost in colour too. I found the previous game to be very drab and grey, seriously lacking in colour.

Speaking of visuals, people have been whining for years about when this game is coming, and now the trailer finally drops, they continue to whine over the graphics looking last gen.

Seriously, what the hell.

I love that there are still companies out there being secretive about their work, not revealing too much until just before release. There’s not enough surprises in the world! There was a time when the only game news you had was from magazines, once a month. That is, if you were lucky enough for them to cover that particular game. If you were really lucky, maybe some 640×480 screens on a cover disc, or a 320×200 video. If you were even luckier, a demo.

Today we have open betas, early access, blogs, podcasts, 8k screenshots, 4k videos, developer interviews, diaries, and it’s still not enough.

Kids today don’t know how spoiled they are.


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Further In-Land

Further In-Land

Two more things..

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One of my dinosaur books arrived today, Death And Discovery. There’s still four more to come, so fingers crossed for next week.

This book features only one illustration by Steve Kirk, the cover, but its a beauty as usual.

Dinosaurs - Death And Discovery

I can’t wait to see the others and get some ideas for the dino models.

Something else i wanted to share was a video i came across today that somehow i hadn’t seen before.

Moments That Changed Movies: Jurassic Park

I dunno how i missed this clip, its awesome.

Obviously made for the 21st birthday of Jurassic Park, it reveals a few new details about the transition from stop motion to full CGI. We all know the story about how the early CGI tests with the skeletons showed that the technology was ready, and so they switched from stop motion to CGI, but this clip focuses on the guys who were directly responsible for those tests.

Those guys have such a great job and love what they do so much, had it not been for their dedication and after hours work, who knows how the movie would have turned out and where the movie industry would be today.

Less than a month till Jurassic World comes out too. I’ve already got my IMAX tickets! :-)

I’ve tried to avoid all news and promo clips, and only watched 2 of the actual trailers. I’d rather see the movie in the theatre than broken up into 500 small clips on the internet.

Seriously, why do people ruin it for themselves by obsessing over every single piece of info released. Do yourselves a favour and save it for the cinema!

I remember seeing just the one trailer for the original movie, and it premiered on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. I don’t think i ever seen anything else about it until it came out. In those days of low quality T.V, i have this memory of not seeing what it was that smashed through the fallen tree, chasing the Jeep. For some reason i thought it was some big sabre tooth cat thing. Hehe, stupid kid.

Man, if they ever invent something you can wear or ingest that allows you to relive your memories, watching Jurassic Park for the first time as a kid is surely my number one.

I could probably just take mushrooms and watch the first one.. Holy shit.


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I’m not fussing over absolute perfect placement of vegetation.
Im focusing more on just making it look nice.

Heading in-land

Heading in-land


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The immediate beach area is about 95% complete, so I’ve started to move further in-land.

I’ll work all the way to the Monorail station, then probably move onto the raptor canyon in Industrial Jungle, which should cover most of the visual style of the islands south.

Starting Beach

Starting Beach

Starting Beach

To answer the first comment before its even posted..

Yes, I’m well aware the smaller vegetation species are not visible in the distance. This is not noticeable in-game when you’re walking around, it’s only when flying around in the editor. The added height robs some of the draw distance.

Users will be able to edit the draw distance settings for every object themselves in the editor. For those pro gamers who absolutely must be able to see grass 4 kilometres away, otherwise the “grafix sucks!”

More Beach

•25/05/2015 • 1 Comment

More textures, decals, objects, trees and some colour variation in the cliffs.

Getting there.



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Just working on the new design for the beach.

I’m trying to capture the landscape of Kauai and the beaches of Isla del Coco.

Start Beach

Kauai is of course where Jurassic Park was filmed and features those iconic cliffs and mountains, and Isla del Coco is the real life island that Trespassers version of Isla Sorna is based on. It has some nice volcanic looking beaches, with lots of rocks and minimal vegetation. Its a nice contrast to the bright lush landscapes of Kauai and i think works well for Trespasser.

The off shore rocks are from Trespasser and are just temporary for now, ill replace them with either a new model or some voxel terrain. I’m not sure i’ll keep the rocks at all yet, as the blue coral reef looks really nice. Time will tell.

A full size Rex is on the beach for scale and the tail of the plane is down there too, scaled up to a more realistic size.

I’m aiming for a detail level between Stage 1 and the high detail island from the flythrough video. Rather than keeping the levels exactly as they were, I’ll fix a lot of the issues as i go, cleaning up roads, smoothing out blocky terrain and spreading out patchy vegetation.

I still have lots of vegetation and objects to add yet, right now im just trying to establish a theme i can run with and then move onto the more open plain areas. Once i have a look nailed down for the beaches, jungles and open plains for the islands south, i’ll move north and start working on the pine and redwood forests. Then i’ll come back through and finish everything off.

Have a good weekend ;-)


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