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I dont have time for a detailed post, so i’ll make this quick.

My Motorola Envoy arrived on Tuesday, and took a whole day to finally start charging. That battery was very flat and obviously has not been used for a long time. Condition was a lot better than expected, and the device works flawlessly.

For more information on the features and design, checkout the photos on flickr, which have more detailed descriptions.

Data Rover 840 - Sony Magic Link - Motorola Envoy

Motorola Envoy Open - Left Side

Motorola Envoy Top

Hammonds Brother

•15/11/2014 • 6 Comments

I’m in Melbourne to see John Hammonds Brother tonight.

Should be a good night!



The night was very enjoyable, but to be honest it felt more like a promotion for his past and upcoming 3D stuff. This is probably more to do with the questions asked than anything else. It’s not that it wasn’t enjoyable to see the 3D stuff, it was amazing, but we would have preferred more personal info and to be a little less scripted.

He’s a lovely man though and very funny. Incredibly smart and obviously loves what he does. I think if I could have any job it would be part of his crew. My love of photography, nature and technology merged all together.


We also went to IMAX to see Interstellar, which was pretty awesome. A lot better than expected. The sound was amazing and worth it just for that. I’ve really gotta start seeing more movies at IMAX. Jurassic World is something I definitely want to see there. We seen Jurassic Park 3D at IMAX and it was incredible.

Nedry’d Up

•12/11/2014 • 8 Comments

I just scored myself a Motorola Envoy for $100.

If you’re not sure what that is, this should remind you..

Motorola Envoy - Nedry's Desk

That’s a lot of money for an old and somewhat useless device that essentially has only asthetic value, but when you consider the rarity of these devices and that one sold on ebay last week in the same condition for $560, its a pretty good deal.

I now have a Sony Magic Link, a Data Rover 840 and now the Motorola Envoy.

When it arrives, I’ll be taking photos of the Envoy to not only post here, but to use as textures when the time comes to model it. You can read the post “Fun Times” to get an idea of what it would be used for in the game.

Now all I need is the can of shaving cream prop, and my Nedry desk is pretty much complete.

HD Pics

•06/11/2014 • 10 Comments

I’ve been sorting out textures and vegetation species, and have a pretty good range now.

I’m using some custom veg assets that really help avoid that typical “Crysis¬†look”. They look fantastic, but they’re not perfect, so I’ve been in contact with the author and hopefully he can make a few adjustments and export some more species so they are compatible with this version of the engine.

All veg species wave and flow about in the wind, its really lovely to watch. Performance is great too, at times peaking at 80fps.

HD Pic 01

HD Pic 02

HD Pic 03

Making Progress

•03/11/2014 • 7 Comments

I’m slowly getting my head around this version of CryEngine.

The TOD editor in particular has taken some time to get used to. A lot has changed and many controls have been removed and added.

Right now im just blocking out the island, adding main structures and details, but i decided to see what i could make with some of the included assets.

Site B 01

The above shot was taken in version 3.5.8, not the latest EaaS version.
I will be doing some prototyping in the EaaS version, but the project will be using 3.5.8.

This was only about an hours work, but i think it looks pretty good considering. This was just an in-editor shot so it’s not very good quality, but i will post a nice high-res shot soon don’t worry.

The detail here is about what im aiming for, perhaps a bit higher. I wont be going as silly as i did in that FlyThrough video i posted, as that was way too dense and was actually a distraction.

It’s great to be working on this again.

Another quick one.

•31/10/2014 • 6 Comments

Some recent upgrades.

A new 24″ HD Monitor. Finally now I can actually use resolutions higher than 1680×1050! I still have my old monitors set up on either side, which is very handy for editing. Having TresED open on one for referencing the original levels and also having another spare for reference photos or secondary editing panels is a dream.

I’ve also bought a new GPU, a Gainward GTX 970 4GB which should be arriving later today if I’m lucky. Seriously good value card. I’d been putting aside some money for the last couple weeks and was only planning a smaller upgrade, but to snag a card that’s 3rd or 4th fastest single card currently available was only a little bit more. I know i probably should have got the OC Phantom model, but i couldn’t extend my budget any more. Continue reading ‘Another quick one.’

Still Kicking

•21/10/2014 • 4 Comments

Yes, I’m still working on this despite the lack of updates!

I’ve had a couple days off one of my jobs due to a neck / back injury, so I’ve managed to allocate some time to the project and do a little bit of editing.

I simply haven’t had enough time to touch Unity though, i’ll need a lot more time to really dig deep and learn the editor and start working through some code tutorials. That will be saved for a time when im working just one job and have at least a few hours a day i can devote to it. At the moment that might not be till mid next year.

I’m doing some CryEngine 2 work, much the same as the Stage 1 work i was doing before i started work on the CryEngine Tech Demo.

Speaking of which, that unfinished Tech demo level was finally released over at TresCom a while back and a few people had trouble getting it to work. Its really just a matter of extracting into the GameSDK\Levels\ dir and then loading it through the editor. Any errors are out of my control really, as its probably a driver issue or the path is not correct. CryEngine is a pretty finicky engine, so its not hard to get something wrong.

I wont be working with it again, but i do still love CryEngine 2. I’ve got a lot of really nice stuff still to release for CE2, and when i get enough time to finish it, ill release it.

I wont be posting many updates from now on, as i simply don’t have time. If i get time to use my PC, i’d rather be working on it than posting about my lack of progress.

One final thing, it wasn’t till about 2 months ago that i finally got to read the Article that Joystiq posted about me and the project. The Article was pretty cool, but there was a lot of stuff that was very old and not correct. So sorry for anything misleading there.

Anyway, it feels good to post something and i hope i get more time to do so soon!



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