Burroughs WIP

•27/03/2014 • 4 Comments

I started sculpting the Edgar Rice Burroughs statue today.

Burroughs Statue WIP

Still lots to do, but its a start!

Oculus Book

•27/03/2014 • 17 Comments


Its a pretty hot topic this one and i feel i need to voice my opinion on it, as i’m getting more and more fed up with the unintelligent comments i keep reading.

Facebook buying Oculus is a good thing.

Regardless of the outcome of the Oculus Rift as a product, its good for VR and gamers for many reasons.

Firstly, the financial backing should bring the price down and speed up development. You get it faster and cheaper. Yay. Secondly, the more mainstream a product becomes, the more competition it gets. Clones will surface, more options will become available, products will evolve faster, prices become cheaper, get better, more games are supported..

I don’t think i need to say any more?

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What I’ve been upto..

•24/03/2014 • 11 Comments

Sorry for the lack of news guys.

I was holding off posting anything because i thought TresCom was going to run a story with a bunch of new-ish shots i sent them and i’m also waiting on another site that was going to run an article on the project, but they’ve gone quiet and i’m left wondering whats going on.

Anyway, ill post the Tech demo shots that TresCom was going to run and ill also post the shots from CE2 that the other site was going to run, then i’ll talk about what i’ve been working on recently, and post some more shots of that work too!

Its an image heavy update this one!
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Stage 2 – Tech Demo

•25/02/2014 • 19 Comments

Hey, long time no post ;-)

The weather here is still hot now and then, but the extreme days are over, so i’ve been back in the office. I’m still working on some other things and probably will continue to do so for a while, as i enjoy working on something different now and then. Variety is the spice of life.

I’ve learnt a lot about 3DS Max and texturing, picking up a lot tricks and techniques along the way, which will come in handy when the high quality modeling and texturing starts on Trespassing. I want to be sure that when the time comes, i can produce the goods.

In Trespassing news, I’d firstly like to welcome a new member to the team, Seb.

Seb is a 26 year old programmer and is keen to get cracking on the project. He has already got stuck into the latest version of CryEngine, getting a feel for it and making preparations for a Tech Demo.

The Tech Demo will be a single level environment based on the Trespasser demo map. You will have access to some weapons and other objects to interact with, eventually getting updated with some dinosaurs when they are available. To help Seb with his testing i started working on the demo level, and managed to get a lot done in a very short time. I think this has probably taken about 6 hours of work, including finishing the new full size heightmap, learning the new editor and importing the models.

TechDemo 01

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Update – Small Break

•04/02/2014 • 20 Comments

Just letting you know what i’m up to.

The weather here (with the exception of todays short lived cool change) has been terrible. 35-45 degree temperatures outside translate to uncomfortably hot temperatures in my small computer-heated office. One day last week seen the office hit 51 degrees. That’s F’n hot!

So last week and this week i’ve been having a little break from the office and instead working on my old laptop, which is not really equipped to work on anything related to this project, but i am working on something else that ill talk about a bit later on. Its a small side project that’s purely art based and requires no programming or intricate design. I’m using this project to learn more about 3DS MAX modelling and to also get back into some texture work.

At the moment, I dont think my 3DS MAX modelling capabilities would be up to the task of making models for this project. My Lightwave experience was perhaps no better, but i was comfortable using it and confident i could produce accurate error-free models.

I’m really loving MAX the more i use it. Some of the stuff i’ve learned in this short time brings a smile to my face when i think back to how long it used to take in Lightwave. Chamfering edges, connecting edges, extruding, boolean objects, real time lighting and texturing, and to just be able to use images for references in the layout is huge. I love it.

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Town 99%

•24/01/2014 • 14 Comments

Town 99%

Stay tuned for some more shots soon!

One more before bed..

•07/01/2014 • 10 Comments

The South end of the Town is very close to being finished.

I had to post one last shot before bed, as this one is quite nice and might make a nice desktop.

The Town

The Large dorm house out of sight on the left still needs to be imported, the brick wall near the Gas Station and the Communications Dish need to be changed and its pretty much done. I’ll probably spend a lot more time detailing little areas, i cant help it, plus it makes for much more enjoyable experience when wandering around.

I got the InGeneral Store imported but it needed a bit of work. The textures are a bit messy and the quality of the design overall is pretty poor. i get the feeling it was a rushed model, as some of the textures were really bad. I’ve replaced them with updated ones that help a lot as well as fix light leaks and floating elements.

I’m trying not to post shots that clearly show untextured models, as it really ruins them. Once i get more of the North end of Town imported, ill take more shots from that end.

Bed time.


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