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I’ve still got a bit of work to do before i can post any new screenshots, so in the mean time here is some very beautiful Trespasser fan art by Tatiana Yamshanova.

Be sure to pop over to her DeviantArt page and leave a comment!

Crashed InGen Helicopter & The Dam

Raptor Tribes

Update coming soon.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been working through some tough, time consuming stuff.

I’ve blocked out the Embryonics Admin buildings, and reconstructed the sequence of events from the Air Strip, all the way to the Aviary. It’s about as accurate as it can be, while remaining faithful to the original game. I’ve taken some of the props and locations from the original game and matched them to props and locations in the film, such as Erics water  truck taking the place of the hunters truck in I.J where you get the H.K. I’m sure we all wondered how the hell it got there anyway, right?

The E.A buildings have a lot of unknown structures. It looks like a large factory, with big extraction chimney’s, warehouses and water tanks. It makes me wonder if the designers took inspiration from the Lost World book, which describes the place they find as almost being a large factory setup, with a workers village and geothermal plant all in the same area. I think I’ll probably incorporate a geothermal plant somewhere, as there are way too many buildings that need to be given a purpose. We know one building had the egg incubators and the building behind had holding pens, but trying to fill the rest with explorable detail would be incredibly hard. 

The town has been redesigned with a seperate and more secure compound for the Ops building, which also contains the other buildings seen in the film. The field of long grass, the slide / tumble down the hill and walk through the dinosaur skeleton that transitions into the mini geo-thermal plant is all there. The missing elements from the walkthrough document have been reconstructed, such as the school and baseball field. I’ve also made a water treatment plant, which will have pipes feeding it from the dam, some new shops, and of course a fresh new layout. 

To quote one of Hammonds lines,  “building the town was hard”. Damn hard. I tried about 5-6 different layouts, but they were all a bit messy and didn’t feel right. I’m still not 100% happy with it, so I’ll wait a while before showing any pics. I probably won’t show any overly revealing shots anyway, as I don’t want to give away the design for the new layout, I want it to feel new when you actually play it.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, so I probably won’t have anything to show till next week.


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I’ve pumped out 5 or 6 new plants and got quite a bit of the island filled out.

Most of Trespassers plants and trees are based on real life species, so its been hard tracking down the correct species and then finding usable images for textures. Some of the original textures are good enough to use, but some just fall apart when loaded into Cryengine.

There are probably 5-10 plants left to import or make for the Tropical species, then ill move onto the North end of the island and start working on Pines and Redwoods. I also want to make some decorative foliage models, such as vines and tree roots.

This shot is of a somewhat secret waterfall that can be found of you deviate off the path. Its part of an all new area that’s tied into the JP3 Embyonics Admin buildings.



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I decided to import the raptor today, but the standard pose is so.. weird, it forced me to learn how to rig a model in 3DS Max. After a couple of tutorials and about an hour later, i had it functioning enough to create a better looking pose.

I used a water ripple generator to simulate the raptor drinking.



Volumetric Fog – Industrial Jungle

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Industrial Jungle

Started adding volumtric fog areas for atmosphere. These will be used in dense jungle areas to create a humid hazy atmosphere that allows the sunlight to punch through and cast nice rays of golden light. it looks a lot more extreme than it really is, as im in a position where several rays overlap one another.

I’ve also enabled cloud shadows, which smoothly drift over the island casting shadows. Its a really bizarre feeling standing in a scene like this, then all of a sudden a shadow creeps over the entire area, dulling the light, then the light peaks again as it drifts away. Very cool.

Tres Comic Rework

•11/11/2015 • 1 Comment

I just came across this reworked Trespasser Comic by Uros Begovic, who is of course the author of the original.

Be sure to pop over to his blog and leave a comment!

Trespasser Comic Rework

Trespasser Comic


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All tree and plant materials have been optimized, polygon counts have been upped for a few models, some new textures have been made and some others updated. The white barked “Royal Palm” has had some red fruits added to it, the large “Cuban Palms” and medium sized “Hawaiian Palms” have a new trunk textures, the smaller palms with the striped trunk still needs new leaves, but the trunk has been finished.

I’ve also made a few new species, a Cattleya Orchid, a Willow Tree, and possibly one more i’m forgetting.




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